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What do Arab People Prefer to do Online in their Free Time?

posted on: Apr 21, 2020

What do Arab People Prefer to do Online in their Free Time?

Saudi Arabia is a prominent source of oil for the rest of the world and home to Islam’s holiest shrines in Mecca and Medina. The people of Saudi Arabia are known to be friendly and religious with a modern mindset. As Saudi Arabia heats to up to 55 C in summers, most of the Arab people prefer spending their leisure time at home doing various online activities such as games, social media, and online learning.

Here are some activities Arab men do online in their leisure time.

1. Dating Apps

One of the online preferences of Arab men is dating apps, this might sound weird but, Arab men are fond of dating apps and prefer spending their leisure time trying to find a date on dating apps like tinder, Saudafa, Cupid, and more. These days, people do find love on dating apps and prefer to spend most of their time on these apps finding their match online.

2. Online Games

While choosing games, Arab men prefer online games rather than going out in the in the hot sun and playing a sport. Simple strategy based, arcade and action games are the first choice of Arab men. Some Arab men do prefer online casino games but as it is illegal in Saudi Arabia so the free Vegas slots work as a perfect alternative.

3. Social Media

The Arab people also love to spend their free time on social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and various other apps. On average, they spend around 2.57 hours a day on social media despite their busy schedule and routine.

Another reason behind increased social media usage among Arab men is the decrease in smartphone prices and the easy availability of the internet which has surged a lot of Arabs on the internet.

4. Learning Online

Yes, Arab men like to spend their free time online learning a new language, their passion for hobbies, and developing a new skill. A survey stated that 32% of respondents use language learning platforms at least once a day, while 41% of them prefer reading educational content online.

5. Shopping Online

This seems to be a favorite activity of Arab woman but that’s not true, Arab men also prefer shopping online in their free time. But more for household items and electronic gadgets. However, only a small percentage (36%) of them prefer online shopping while 64% visit offline stores for every necessary commodity.

6. Online Entertainment

The internet is a vast source of entertainment, be it YouTube, TikTok, or Reddit, Arab men enjoy watching content online and also downloading it. According to the data, more than 38% of the Arab men watch and download videos in a day and 21 percent of Arab men play online games every day while 30 percent of them have never played any online games.

Final Words

The above information clearly shows that Arab men are not different than the men of other countries, they prefer the same online activities in their free time that most of the other men do. However, when it comes to gaming, Arab men do not show much interest in games playing some arcade, action, and strategy-based games. These are some of the online preferences of Arab men in their free time.



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