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What level of AWS Certifications is Good For The Different Cloud Profiles?

posted on: Jul 30, 2021

AWS has turned out to be one of the most coveted fields for IT professionals to build their skills. If you plan to build a career in cloud infrastructure and technologies, obtaining an AWS certification is highly advisable. But what certifications are best!? Thanks to the vastness of AWS, there are multiple job roles that you may pursue. Companies of various scales are always on the lookout for professionals who fit into these job roles. 

How to get ready for different cloud profiles?

Depending on your field of interest and expertise, you may seek to opt for various job profiles in the AWS cloud. Preparing for these roles is simple as AWS has launched role-based certifications. This implies that the AWS certification available for professionals seeking specific job roles. Each certification requires the candidates to possess skills that would be necessary for the relevant job profile. It is a win-win situation for employers and IT professionals alike. 

Employers seek these role-oriented certifications as eligibility criteria for the jobs. The professionals, on the other hand, can prepare for specific job roles. For instance, if you are trying to establish yourself as an AWS cloud architect, you must obtain the prerequisite certification. 

Which certification level is right for you?

AWS has launched its certifications in a tiered manner, moving from low to high experience. Therefore, you would have to choose your certification level based on your skill level and the eligibility criteria for the job role that you seek. Here are some of the popular AWS job profiles and the certifications you need to be eligible for.

  1. AWS Cloud Developer

There are ample job opportunities for AWS cloud developers. As a cloud developer, you would have to take charge of the venture solutions and improving the program applications. The AWS Developer Associate certification should make you eligible for this job profile. Once you gather experience as a cloud developer, you may proceed to the professional level certification if you wish. 

  1. AWS Cloud Architect

This is another lucrative AWS cloud job role. Cloud architects build and integrate information and computer systems to meet business needs. Ideally, a cloud architect should build and design a cloud architecture structure on which the business can rely. You need to be an AWS Certified Solutions Architect professional and possess cloud computing knowledge for this job role. 

  1. AWS Networking Specialist

The specialist job roles are highly coveted, and this one is no exception. You would need excellent networking skills to earn the AWS networking specialist job profile. The job role would require you to design and maintain network architecture for all of the AWS services. In addition, you would have to complete the AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty exam to obtain the certification. 

  1. AWS Cloud DevOps Engineer

The demand for DevOps engineers is on the rise, with every company trying to implement the DevOps environment. As a DevOps engineer, you need to build your abilities in framework organization, system tasks, and development. DevOps engineers are skilled and versatile, thus enjoying ample employment opportunities. For this job role, you need the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional certification. 

  1. AWS SysOps Administrator

Earning the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate certification and the relevant skills would make you eligible for the SysOps administrator role. A SysOps administrator is in charge of deploying, operating and managing AWS systems that are fault-tolerant and highly available. As a result, you may expect high remuneration as an AWS SysOps administrator. 

These aren’t the only job profiles that you may pursue as an AWS expert. In addition, you may check out the AWS associate certification, professional, and speciality certifications and look at the job roles that each certification would make you ready for. 

Is it worth investing in an AWS certification?

It is always worth investing in obtaining a certification that would help you land your dream job. This is even more applicable in the case of AWS due to the ample career opportunities. Here is why you may consider pursuing an AWS certification:

  • As mentioned earlier, various lucrative job profiles require the candidates to possess AWS training and certification in the relevant fields. 
  • Even if you already have a job as an AWS professional, an additional certification can increase your value as an employee. 
  • The AWS certifications find widespread acceptance, implying that you would not have to remain limited within a few career options. 

The AWS certifications are worth the time and money that they would cost you. Therefore, it is advisable to look for a suitable certification pathway and get yourself started. Leading institutes like Koenig offer a variety of AWS certification courses. Enrolling in such an IT institute would allow you to undergo AWS certification training for multiple examinations at the same place. You would be able to obtain even the speciality-level certifications as long as you have access to quality training and courseware.

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