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Now is the Time for Women’s Solidarity

posted on: Mar 7, 2018

By: Leila Diab/Arab America Contributing Writer

March 8 is International Women’s Day, and throughout March 2018, we will metaphorically constitute a worldwide celebration of the rising pillars for a new generation of women’s voices and actions to challenge unjust civil and human rights laws.

Hand in hand, women have been confronted and unjustly controlled with unfair practices under which they have been targeted by oppressive governments. The hierarchy of individuals, and a patriarchal cultural system of beliefs–have had the courage to respond for the sake of humanity.

International Women’s Day is a new emerging time of change.

International Women’s Day is a time to untangle decades of unscrupulous cultural, religious, and immoral difficulties against women from all levels of society’s social ladder.  Women should never dismiss who they are…they are women of color with sustainable substance.

For example, Palestinian women living in the occupied territories of Palestine, both the young and the old have been imprisoned without any charges held against them, simply for standing up to defend their universal human rights.  It was their refusal to leave their homes, only to have their homes demolished and whole families tossed to the wind.

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Young women such as Ahed Tamimi, a 17-year-old Palestinian girl who was arrested last December when she confronted armed Israeli soldiers on her family’s property near her West Bank home of Nabi Saleh and asked them to leave. The armed Israeli soldiers would not leave her family’s property, as she yelled out at them, get out or I’ll punch you!” This incident was captured on a video, and when an Israeli soldier pushed her away, her only means of defense was to slap him.

Ahed has been held in prison for the last three months, while facing an Israeli military court’s exaggerated indictment against her. Ahed is just one among many brave and courageous young girls and women who stand up against senseless and inhumane acts of human injustice, with resistance to unlawful jurisprudence.

Women comprise half the world’s population. They are writers, poets, intellectual orators, brilliant thinkers, doctors, lawyers, business women, a gambit of professional career women, and women worldwide who have been displaced in refugee camps and tents without enough food or water to survive.

Is it any wonder how women across the world spectrum have persevered with undeniable harsh life conditions and an array of despicable undertones of racism, inequality, famine, and family protection? None other than the human spirit of self-determination, hope, and commendable moral human dignity.

In March, International Women’s Day is not about me as a woman, or you, it is about us as a collective power to liberate and overcome the diaspora of women worldwide. It doesn’t matter if one is politically speaking, from the far left, the center, or the right. It is the actions of everyone to inspire and unite the honorable protection and universal human rights of women.

In an uncensored media, how many have read and heard the many untold true stories of women’s truths for change?  International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate and recognize the extraordinary role of women, past and present contributions, and the importance of telling their true stories.

This March, International Women’s Day, galvanizes a new generation of young women warriors who continue to stand up and be heard to empower change for all women dreamers and their families.

Throughout the Middle East and Palestine, women will celebrate International Women’s Day with cultural pride by wearing their embroidered Palestinian dresses with patterns that signifies what town or village they are from.

Let us all stand up and recognize and honor, the unheard women voices for a world of women dreamers, with justice and peace. Celebrate your mothers, grandmothers, and family members who created your world of peace, love and harmony.

International Women’s Day is now the time for everyone to recognize and celebrate women and their courageous commitments as warriors of universal humanity. Together we can be a world of change.  I personally, salute the world of women–the true and diverse colors of the rainbow.


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