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10 Arab Foods You Should Proudly Eat at School or Work

posted on: Aug 21, 2019

By: Nana Osei/Arab America Contributing Writer

Arab food encompasses some of the most diverse and tantalizing meals in the World. The food not only is tasty but comes with a strong history and cultural significance. Some people may find Arab food to be different simply because they aren’t used to it in their country. However, never be ashamed of it because it’s amazing and is of great importance to Arab culture.

Here are 10 Arab foods that you should proudly eat at school or work:

Lebanese Stuffed Grape Leaves

Stuffed Grape Leaves originate from the Levant region. In Arabic, they are called “warak enab” which means leaves of grapes; in some regions they are called “dome” or “wrack dawdle.” They are made with hashweh which is Arabic for the stuffing in the grape leaves. You should be proud to eat these as they have been been a part of Arab culture for centuries and they are extremely healthy, so your co-workers can’t say you’re not treating your body right.

Here is the recipe.


Sfeeha is a type of meat pie that originates from Baalbeck, Lebanon. One of the biggest reasons you should be proud of this meal is because of the place it comes from. Baalbeck is the number one tourist site from Lebanon. People from all over the world come to see its monumental and beautiful Roman temples. You are eating food from a place recognized all over the world so if anyone ever questions what you’re eating, tell them its origin proudly.

Here is the recipe.


Zaatar (thyme) is an Arab spice mixture typically used as a condiment to take meals to a whole new level. It’s believed to be helpful for sharpening the memory, especially for kids going to school. The name Zaatar originates from the Bible and it has been used since then too. It was originally made in Ancient Egypt. Proudly eat Zaatar as you can eat it with everything from American meals to Middle Easter meals. Some people eat food with Zaatar without knowing it has it!  Put it on pita bread with olive oil for a delicious lunch. Here is the recipe.

Ful (or Ful Medames)

It’s known that Ful has been originated in Egypt but became popular throughout the Arab World.  People all over Egypt eat this dish many times in the week. Although it’s the national dish of Egypt, its preparation is varied in different regions. It’s not only tasty but is very health, especially that is a vegetarian dish. Here is the recipe.


Fatayer is a meat pie that originally was created in Lebanon. One of the special things about a fatayer is that you can use a variety of fillings in it from beef, lamb, and even cheese! One reason you should be using this dish is that it lasts a long time so you can freeze it and save it for later. That means you won’t be wasting food and are saving the earth! Here is the recipe.

Labneh Sandwich

A labneh sandwich is a healthy and hearty dish! It is made with yummy cheese-like yogurt and contains olives and pickles in the middle. If you are vegetarian you should be proud to eat this dish as it is extremely tasty but also vegan-friendly! For my no vegeterains, this dish is perfect if you’re trying to eat a healthy lunch! Here is the recipe!


Falafel is extremely popular around the Middle East. It originates all the way back to ancient Egypt. The tasty treat can be eaten as a snack, an appetizer, or even a main-course meal. Falafel is deep-fried and made of chickpeas or garbanzo beans. Falafel is sometimes eaten as part of the iftar on Ramadam also so don’t let anyone tell you it has no importance! Proudly eat this food as it has been a part of middle eastern culture for centuries! Here is the recipe.

Baba Ghanoush

Baba Ghanous is a Levantine dish that is very similar to hummus but tastes very different! Instead of chickpeas like hummus uses Baba Ghanous is composed of fried eggplant. The reason you should proudly eat this dish without fear of being judged is that hummus is already popularized all over America. Your classmates and coworkers probably eat it too. If they ask what you’re eating just say a better variant! Here is the recipe.


Baklava is a rich and sweet-tasting middle eastern pastry. It is made with multiple layers of filo stuck together with honey and syrup. Don’t let anyone judge you on eating this delicious dessert. Its culture is royalty as it was first created in the imperial kitchens of Istanbul! Here is the recipe.

Date Cookies

Date cookies a middle eastern snack shared all over the world. They are tasty, chewy, and yummy! You should be proud to bring this to work or school because you can share them with your colleagues and share the middle eastern culture! Here is the recipe