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2024 Arab America Summer Interns

2024 Summer Interns

Raisa Sami

Editor, Contributing Writer, and Research Senior Intern

Raisa Sami, an MBA graduate student from International American University Los Angeles majoring in Marketing came here all the way from Bangladesh to pursue her dream. Raisa is grateful to Arab America for the wonderful start to her career in the United States.

Liam Nagle

Contributing Writer and Research Intern 

Liam Nagle is a rising senior at American University in Washington, DC, where he has spent the last three years majoring in International Studies. A native of the DC area, Liam’s interests also extend to history and politics. This passion is reflected in his volunteer work at the Arlington Historical Museum in Arlington, Virginia. Dedicated to making a global impact, Liam aspires to a career in international diplomacy.

Yara Marei  

Contributing Writer and Research Intern 

Yara Marei is a proud Jordanian Palestinian, engineering and data analyst intern, and environmental activist in Washington, DC. With a deep love for the US, Yara is eager to further her studies and establish a career in the US. Her journey is marked by exceptional achievements, including winning Intel ISEF 2016, Falling Walls Germany, and the Hult Prize, along with numerous other international competitions. Yara’s passion for engineering, coupled with her love for the vibrant culture and innovation of Washington, DC, fuels her ambition to contribute to the environmental landscape in America.