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11 Reasons Why You Should Learn Arabic in 2020

posted on: Nov 23, 2020

11 Reasons Why You Should Learn Arabic in 2020

By Mackenzie Ricca/Arab America Contributing Writer

There are many different languages to discover every day with learning tools readily available in many different forms. Learning a language in 2020 is easier than ever! So why not Arabic? The rich language full of culture and deep history is one that is widely spoken, not only in the Middle East but in all corners of the international world. There are many reasons why you should consider learning Arabic if you haven’t already, and I’m here to tell you why!

The History of the Arabic Language

Arabic is a language full of rich culture and history. It is classified as a “southern-Central Semitic Language” and is widely spoken in most parts of the Arabian Peninsula, Middle Eastern Region and North Africa. The Arabic language is a macrolanguage and has around 30 modernized different dialects. Standard Arabic or Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is the variation that is widely spoken today in informal speech. At the same time, classical Arabic was utilized in Islamic Literature from the 7th to the 9th century and is the official dialect of the Qurʾān.

Most likely, if you are learning Arabic today in a textbook, class, or online course, you will be studying Modern Standard Arabic reading and writing (MSA).

Why You Should Learn Arabic Now More Than Ever

1. One of Six of the World’s Largest Languages 

11 Reasons Why You Should Learn Arabic in 2020
Map of the six official UN languages.

There are six official languages of the United Nations, which are listed because they highlight the main languages of the international world. Arabic continues to be on that list alongside Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. If you have any interest in working for an international organization like the UN, you should consider learning one or two of the six official languages!

2. Learn About Arab Culture

11 Reasons Why You Should Learn Arabic in 2020

By learning a language, you also learn a lot about the culture and countries where the language originated and is still spoken today. Arab culture is so rich and has a long history tied to its origin. Many Arab countries and Arab Americans pride themselves on their heritage because of their interesting background. It is definitely something worth learning about.

3. Become a Competitive Job Candidate

In America, the demand for Arab speakers is especially high right now. Learning Arabic will give you an edge over the competition if you are looking into working for an organization that works directly with Arabic speaking clients or Arab countries. Many businesses in 2020 are looking to hire Arabic speakers.

4. Take a Trip to the Middle East

If you are looking to travel to the Middle East at some point, learning the language of the region will allow you to be much better equipped for your trip. It can help you interact with the locals and learn more about the Arab nation you may be traveling to.

5. Become a Diplomat

11 Reasons Why You Should Learn Arabic in 2020
U.S. President Barack Obama meets with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman in January of 2017.

Learning Arabic can also help you have a better chance of receiving diplomatic roles in your home nation. Many American Ambassadors to the Middle Eastern countries learn Arabic to better communicate with Arab diplomats and citizens.

6. So Many Dialects to Choose From

11 Reasons Why You Should Learn Arabic in 2020













You can choose from over 30 different dialects to learn! Each dialect has its own history and uniqueness. If you are interested in one specific region which speaks its own Arabic dialect, you should definitely look into learning that one!

7. Learn About Islam

11 Reasons Why You Should Learn Arabic in 2020















It can help you learn more about the world’s second-largest religion. Islam is the world’s second-largest religion as of 2020, and according to research – it could be the second-largest religion in the United States by 2040. The Qurʾān is written in classical Arabic, and prayer in the worship is predominately done in Arabic.

8. Expand Your Language Skills

11 Reasons Why You Should Learn Arabic in 2020















Once you learn one language, you can develop skills to learn others. By expanding on your language skills, it will help you develop the tools you need to learn other languages in the future.

9. U.S. Government Need

11 Reasons Why You Should Learn Arabic in 2020
The guy on the right translating to both the guy in the middle and the one in the white.
















Within the last 15 years, government agencies in the U.S. have expressed a critical need for Arabic speakers. In order to help address major political, military, and economic questions about the United States, cooperation in the Middle East – North African region is necessary. If you are interested in any of that type of work, then Arabic is for you!

10. Help Spread the Arab Culture

11 Reasons Why You Should Learn Arabic in 2020
Arab- Egyptian Cultural Painting

Arabic is a very special language, and those who speak it are often very proud of their Arab heritage and customs. If we can expand the language more into other countries – especially the United States – we can educate others on the importance of Arab culture and language.

11. There Are So Many Ways to Learn!

11 Reasons Why You Should Learn Arabic in 2020
















Because of our unlimited access to the internet, there are so many programs that teach Arabic online! You can even learn simple Arabic beginner lessons on YouTube as well. Some great programs to consider are:

  • Arab Academy Online Courses. Find the link here!
  • Arabic Online. Find the link here!
  • Duolingo (Learn for FREE!) Find the link here!
  • Free Youtube Classes Find the link to videos here!


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