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4 Summer Lawn Care Tips You Need to Know

posted on: May 19, 2020

Summertime means mowing time. Check out these lawn care tips for keeping yourself and your lawn healthy.

Summer is fast approaching, meaning lawn care will soon be a big part of our free time. As the grass begins to grow consistently, keeping up with lawn maintenance is not something to ignore. Not only is cutting grass a laborious chore — it also exposes us to risks such as high heat and potential allergens.

Maintaining a healthy lawn takes commitment, so it’s important to dedicate your time to your lawn to keep it looking good and healthy. Keep reading to see the summer lawn care tips you need to know.

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Protect yourself

First things first — protection. Mowing the lawn in the summer can be tough, especially when you have a larger yard. The longer it takes you to mow your lawn, the more you’re at risk of getting sunburned or becoming exposed to allergens. As you get ready to mow the lawn, don’t forget to use some of these items:

  • Sunscreen: apply sunscreen to your face, neck, and any exposed area of skin. 
  • Face mask: any type of face covering the nose and mouth will help reduce your risk of breathing in any allergens.
  • Hat: hats can protect your face from getting burned.
  • Covered clothing: if you’re at a higher risk of getting sunburned, wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants can help reduce the risk of getting sunburned.
  • Sunglasses: wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from sun exposure.

Before heading out, check the UV index to get an idea of how intense the sun may be. In addition to protecting yourself from the sun, don’t forget to drink water and take breaks if you need to. 

Mow in the morning

To help reduce the risks of mowing the lawn in high heat, mow your grass later in the morning. If you mow too early in the morning, dew that has accumulated on the grass can cause problems such as clogging your mower or leaving tracks.

By mid-morning, most of the dew should have evaporated and the temperature hasn’t reached its peak for the day. Plus, it gets you up and moving early. 

Don’t skimp on watering

Just as you would with any other plant, you need to water your lawn to keep it alive and healthy. You also don’t need to water your lawn daily — instead, water it deeply a few times a week. The more water your lawn is given at once, the better it will be able to establish its roots.

Mow high

You don’t want to cut your grass too short during the summer. The shorter your grass is, the weaker it will be. Letting your grass grow long while still maintaining it will make for a healthy, strong, and impressive lawn.



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