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5 Free Ways You Can Support the Fight Against the Immigration Ban

posted on: Feb 1, 2017

5 Free Ways You Can Support the Fight Against the #ImmigrationBan

BY: Nisreen Eadeh/Staff Writer

Americans are itching in their seats to advocate and fight against a number of executive orders and decisions made by President Trump. Whether you voted for Trump or not, his decision to ban all citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries, give Christian refugees priority over others, and command refugees to take a religious test is unconstitutional. It is illegal to discriminate against anyone based on nationality or religion in the U.S., and that law applies to the president, too.

As a strong immigrant community, Arab Americans can relate to these current developments very strongly. Arab Americans all originate from Muslim-majority countries, including 6 of those that are banned. Who are Arab Americans to deny a new, prosperous life to those people who are fleeing the same crises as our parents and grandparents?

If you are wondering what can be done to engage in American politics and be part of the change, here are 5 free ways you can support the fight against the immigration ban.


5 Free Ways You Can Support the Fight Against the #ImmigrationBan

There is no better way to show your support for Muslim immigrants than by attending a protest in your city or at your local airport. Protesting is a traditional American pastime and is a great way to meet members of your community, make friends, and show off your clever sign-making skills. Taking part in a protest can also change your life for the better by empowering you to become passionate about issues and stay angry when others give up. If you are bilingual, your attendance at a protest is particularly helpful because you could help prevent a wrongful deportation or detainment.


5 Free Ways You Can Support the Fight Against the #ImmigrationBan

Never be afraid to use your voice. As a small minority in the U.S., Arab Americans are often overlooked, misrepresented, or neglected entirely in important conversations. Take control of the narrative by writing a productive article on your thoughts and sharing it with Arab America. On top of that, you can take two minutes every day to call your congressman to make sure they know who you are and what you want.


5 Free Ways You Can Support the Fight Against the #ImmigrationBan

Your social media accounts can serve as the easiest, most accessible tools for fighting against any policy that you don’t support. When hate crimes, discrimination, and bigotry become the norm, people need to fight against it around the clock. That means posting on social media several times a day a variety of content, including: articles that fact check statements made by politicians; photos and videos of protests; and zealous letters appealing to humankind.

More importantly, share your family’s immigration experiences, either through writing, video, or in a short post. Unless you’re a native, every American has a story about their family’s migration to the States that is worth sharing as a reminder that we all have more in common than we think.


5 Free Ways You Can Support the Fight Against the #ImmigrationBan

Consumers are the most powerful demographic in the world. Without your personal willingness to purchase goods and services, corporations would have never reached their current profit margins. Identify the products and entities in your life that have endorsed or supported President Trump, despite his hateful rhetoric and policies and cross them off your list. Companies such as as Uber, New Balance, MillerCoors, and the Hobby Lobby have endorsed Trump, raised money for his presidential campaign, or joined his team.

Boycotts are a proven and peaceful method of obtaining social justice. Just look to leaders, such as Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, and Omar Barghouti as examples of people who have changed the world through boycotts. If these companies lost thousands of consumers, they would feel that effect. Say no to the companies that reject your personal values of inclusion and equality.


5 Free Ways You Can Support the Fight Against the #ImmigrationBan

Refugee agencies are all around you and they rely heavily on donations from members of their local communities. Every refugee agency will welcome your donations of home goods especially, which can include: living room and bedroom furniture, all kitchenware, kitchen appliances, clean bedding, gently used or new clothing and winter gear, television sets, bikes for kids, school supplies for kids, and backpacks.

If you do not have home goods to donate, then give your time. If you are an immigration lawyer or paralegal, your services will be invaluable to those who are worried about their immigration status. If you are not a legal professional, your time is still needed volunteering at events for advocacy and non-profit groups that are working day and night to instill equality, civil rights, and justice in American legislation.