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UAE lawyer tweets job offer to Barack Obama

posted on: May 20, 2016

By Sarah Townsend

Outgoing US president Barack Obama will no doubt be inundated with job offers when he steps down in January. But he already has one to consider in the UAE.

An Emirati lawyer this week tweeted to Obama offering him a job at his firm.

Isa bin Haidar, CEO of Dubai-based Bin Haider Advocates & Legal Consultants, said he was aware of Obama’s legal background – the president trained at Harvard Law School – and asked Obama to join his practice. He offered to pay for a villa and flights for him, too.

Bin Haidar posted on Twitter: “President Obama…[I] knew you would be without a job very soon…I offer you a job in my office…salary, housing, tickets and travel to Arab countries.”

He explained that he wanted the politician to see more of the Arab world, to fight deep-rooted prejudices against Muslims.

“I want him to know more closely the meaning of tolerance of Islam by accepting my offer,” the lawyer tweeted.

He added in Arabic: “I know my offer is a little bit weird, but you have to live with Muslims to know them closely and away from political theatrics which are being spearheaded by the US.”

Bin Haidar’s offer was “serious”, according to local media that claimed to have spoken to him following his tweets.

Obama has been US president for eight years and is set to stand down in January.

Bin Haidar has 31,000 followers on Twitter and his firm is based on Sheikh Zayed Road.