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7 Arab Beauty Hacks Everyone Should Be Doing

posted on: Jan 24, 2018

By Kameron Dreher/Arab America Contributing Writer

Captivating Arab beauty is natural, but it also requires nurturing and attention. There are little tricks that do miracles when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Here is a selection of useful and tested techniques that make us feel good and look fabulous.

1. Argan Oil

Argan oil is a very popular natural oil used to care for both the hair and the skin. Argan oil originates from Morocco and comes from the kernels of the Argan tree. This magic oil provides moisture, fights acne, and promotes healthy and shiny hair. It is also used to treat burns and wrinkles as well. It’s high in Vitamin E, which enhances skin and hair brilliance, and easily absorbs into the skin so it is not heavy or greasy for the hair. All these benefits make it the perfect natural moisturizer.

2. Veils 

Veils and other articles that cover the face and hair are very popular among Arab women. Sun exposure can be very damaging to the hair shaft. By wearing veils, hijabs, burqas, and other head coverings, one can avoid damage by the sun rays. Traditional veils also prevent dust, pollution, and other harmful agents from getting into pores and the hair shaft. Also, women tend to dress modestly, therefore, avoiding tanning and harmful UV rays.

3. Rose Water

Rose Water is a natural toner and very good for soft glowing skin. On clean skin swipe the face with rose water on a cotton pad to hydrate the skin without making it feel greasy. You can also mix rose water in masks to give your facial an extra boost.

4. Hammams 

Hammams are traditional sauna baths used for their holistic properties and draws out toxins from the body. The process begins with a regular massage, followed with special oils steaming the body, and then immersing the body into warm water. By doing this, one removes dead skin cells and keeps the skin glowing and soft without much effort afterward.

5. Halawa Waxing

Halawa waxing is a sugar wax; by wax that removes dead skin cells, blackheads, and unwanted hair. To make this wax you simply melt sugar, lemon, and water together in a saucepan and wait until it begins to caramelize and thicken. After it cools down you use the wax on problem areas, using a piece of cloth to strip the wax away. Voila! Smooth and soft skin is revealed.

6. Yogurt and Potato Face Mask

Yogurt is something very popular in the Arab world – and when mixed with potatoes, you have a revitalizing face mask! This mask can help alleviate dark marks, blemishes, and dark circles under the eyes. You can make this mask by boiling half a potato until it becomes soft, remove the skin, and then mash the potato until it becomes soft. Then simply add one or two tablespoons of plain yogurt and mix together. This mask will help with discoloration and your complexion will become brighter.

7. Eating Fresh Fruits Vegetables

One of the best ways to promote healthy skin and hair is to start from the inside out. Arab women often eat local and fresh vegetables and fruits and avoid processed foods, which can be very combative to healthy skin and hair. By ingesting foods high in vitamins that promote healthy skin and hair, you will definitely notice a difference in the quality of your skin!