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7 Hilarious Reasons Arab Parents Think You're never Getting Married

posted on: Aug 24, 2018




The concept of marriage in the Arab world is seen as life achievement, and spinsters are wrongly frowned upon for no legitimate reason.

Growing up in an Arab household means hearing the phrase “but, if you don’t do this, you’re never going to get married” more times than you hear your name.

Getting married is a milestone which Arabs, and women in particular, must hit before reaching the age of 30.

Here are seven ridiculous reasons your parents think you’re never going to get married:

1. On spotless clean microwaves

2. On not knowing how to make Arabic coffee

3. On failing to do your chores

4. On being handy in the kitchen

5. On forgetting to do your dishes

6. On hitting the 25-year mark

7. On pretty much everything

Sometimes… you end up cracking under societal pressure