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7 Things That'll Surprise You When You Travel to Egypt

posted on: Jan 17, 2020


7 Things That'll Surprise You When You Travel to Egypt

Exploring the world is like a dream that we all have at some point in our lives where we wish to tour the whole world on our own or with someone we love. We choose places that fancy us the most and despite the risks or the warnings, we follow the directions of the heart. If you have a similar goal and if it is about Egypt, then let’s find out the 7 things that will make you feel glad that you stepped out.

1.            Greater Experience with a Guide

This might surprise you but if you choose to visit places like Egypt then look for Egypt tour packages and the places they will cover or if they will have a guide with them or not. Egypt is a country to explore but better when done with a tour guide because then you will be able to experience and learn more about the culture, religion and the history of the place.

2.            Egypt Is Safe

A surprise awaits you if you ignore the cautious rumors and book your tickets to Egypt. There are certain places that are no-go zones for tourists but the government ensures that no tour groups take their members there. But again no place is 100% safe but in the case of Egypt, it is comparatively safer than it is projected. This will reveal to you within 2-3 days in the country and you will be glad that you beat the rumors and living your best life.

3.            Good Hosts

As soon as you will land in Egypt, people will give you that extra and special attention with wide smiles and twinkling eyes, they will shake your hand, say warm welcome greetings as you are a foreigner and a tourist in their country. Some people might come and ask you for selfies (how nice would it feel to be a celeb in a place like Egypt, hmm?) so, leave the fears behind and let Egyptians welcome you.


4.            Traffic is Crazy

You must have heard about the traffic situations in Cairo (city of 19.5 million) but this will hit more than you have ever expected when you will travel around the city. There is insane chaos on the roads, nobody uses white sidewalks. Horns honk continuously. People jump right in the middle of the road into and out of old public vehicles. And almost everything from cars to bikes and busses to donkey carts shares the same lane which creates a strange hurtle bustle.

5.            Egypt & Its Food

Whenever we head to a foreign destination, we are usually curious about their food. As Egypt has a rich culture, its food is just as rich in variety, uniqueness, and taste. If you have been seeking to try a special Egyptian meal, then just pick a bowl of Kushari (or Koshary). It is a combination of pasta, rice, chickpeas, and lentils, flavored with sour tomato cream and onions. It is regarded as Egypt’s signature dish, and it can be incredibly cheap ( a bowl for less than $1 US Dollars). Certain other food items that you can try in Egypt are inclusive of the yummy camel meat dishes and stuffed pigeon-raising.

6.            Give Bakhsheesh (tip) When in Egypt

This is going to surprise a lot of you tourists but that is how it is in Egypt. Once you move to Egypt,  you will have to be ok with thanking tips for everything. Known as “baksheesh by local Egyptians. you will be expected to ‘reward’ for everything from a porter carrying your luggage to your room in the hotel or to somebody in the bathroom for even giving you a towel. It might trouble you at some point but keep that such Egyptians do not make much living so giving out the smallest amount will make no difference.

7.            Locations Are Fancier Than In Books

You will see monuments dating back thousands of years which still are painted; mummies of ancient Egyptians and Pharaoh that you learned about in the pages of history; ancient tombs with that seem as though they were built only recently. book your tickets because this all is mightier in person. The legacy of Egypt is remarkable and much of it has been maintained.