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8 Things to Expect When Being a Muslim Girl

posted on: Feb 8, 2015

The great thing about the internet is the amount of info-sharing that happens! Recently, I got to read a splendid piece on what it’s like to date Muslim girls as told by a non-Muslim, white Australian man. I was so amazed by his nonexistent professionalism and truth. Granted, there is a disclaimer that mentions his findings come from generalizations, but these days I guess there’s not much difference between generalizations and actual full-fledged research.

So I did a little “research” study of my own and was able to uncover all of the vast complexities of the female Muslim experience. Isn’t that amazing? And, as an added bonus, I was able to condense all my findings into 8 brilliant points. Enjoy. I’ll just sit here by the mailbox, waiting for my pulitzer.