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9 Moments Only Arab Americans Can Understand

posted on: May 20, 2016

BY: Yusra Al Shawwa/Contributing Writer

We Arab Americans like to do things a certain way and that’s okay. There are little moments in life we can’t avoid, but can definitely appreciate as part of our culture. Others may not understand why we’re always late or trying to feed people, and neither can we, but we’re not going to stop doing that anytime soon! Here are the nine moments that often occur in our Arab American lives that we just can’t avoid.

1. The overwhelming amount of hospitality and generosity with food. There’s a three plate minimum to eat with us. No exceptions.


2. Royal, extravagant weddings are a must. If there aren’t sword dancers at your wedding, did you even get married?


3. Our sizable, extended families can’t go anywhere without each other. Yes, we will be needing a bigger table.


4. And more food, of course, because eating is what we do best.


5. There’s no such thing as being overdressed. Ever.


6. There’s real time, then there’s Arab time. No one shows up until two hours after the party started.


7. Lying about how close you are is acceptable, so don’t expect any Arab American to tell you the right ETA.


8. Every mezze plate has to come to the table at the same time. Impressive, we know.


9. Inshallah means no to most Arab Americans. We’re just trying to let people down nicely.