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A Checklist for an Arab American Activist

posted on: Mar 19, 2021

By: Nana Osei/ Arab America Contributing Writer 

Sometimes, someone needs to take a stand against the injustice of the world even when it seems like there is no one else there to support them. That someone could be you. To be an activist is to take a stand against injustice. Not only this but voice your plans for change. Today in America we need activists more than ever. We need to push our country onto the right path against corruption and evil today. More Arab Americans than ever today are needed to fight against the mistreatment and injustice that America has brought onto minorities. Arab America has made a checklist for you on how to become an Arab American activist!


Knowledge is power. To become a competent activist you need to read. You should read books on politics. Read books on public policy and how our government works. To make a change, you must understand the structure that America is built on. You should also read books about American history. Learning about the past will allow you to understand the mistakes America has made so that we don’t go into a cycle and do the same things again.

Also, you should read books on activists such as Gandhi and Malcolm X. Learning about past activists can give you wisdom on how they succeeded and can give you different perspectives on what it means to be an activist. For example, Malcolm X once said, “I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it’s for or against.” This is a powerful quote that helps push future activists to fight for what’s right. Finding quotes such as these can give you inspiration and ideas.

Stay Up to Date with the Times

In today’s times, to be an activist you need to know what’s happening all over the world currently. As an activist, it is important to know what laws are changing and who are now coming into power. For example, the presidential debates are coming up on September 29 and any prospective activist would know to watch it. These debates let us know who is running and what are their current views on what to do with our country. By knowing this information as an activist you can push to support the candidate you best believe will do what’s right for Arab Americans.

This brings us to another important part of being an activist: staying involved in the elections. There are many ways to do so as an activist. First, you can do so by interning for the election candidate’s office that you want to support. You can also look at polling data. Polling data allows you to see which candidates are in the lead. Information is power!

You should also work on looking at multiple news outlets to be a great activist. There are many reasons for this. One reason is that every news source is biased and will try to push a different agenda. This is why you must look at multiple news outlets so you can not only learn what’s happening currently but so you can be objective.

Interning for Arab American Organizations

The best way to become a capable activist is to learn from an expert. There are many Arab American organizations that you can intern for that can teach you ways to advocate for Arab Americans. Some organizations include the Arab American Institute, American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, and Arab America itself.

Another reason for interning for an Arab American organization is that it allows you to make multiple connections. First of all, you can meet interns that have the same wants in becoming activists like you. Through this, you can make friends that will support you in your activist goals in the future. You can also learn from activists with experience in an internship. As an Arab America Intern, I have learned so much that will help me further my goals to help those in the future.

Social Media

By: Nana Osei/Arab America Contributing Writer

As an activist social media is a powerful tool. One of the reasons is because you can get your views and ideas into the world. Social media allows you to communicate with so many people. Arab America has thousands of followers which allow it to spread its powerful messages empowering Arab Americans. Social media is also very effective in allowing you to connect with other Arab American activists.


As an activist, it is important to donate to organizations that you believe will help further the change you are trying to make in the world. As an Arab American activist, money should be used as a tool that you should for others. Money is a tool that you should use to better than world instead of focusing on it for yourself.

Never Give Up

One of the most important traits of being an Arab American activist is perseverance. There are going to be people who will tell you to give up or that you won’t be able to change the world. Ignore them and keep moving on. You can do whatever you put your mind to. The journey to being an activist isn’t easy but in the end, when you make the change you’ve always wanted to make it’ll be worth it.

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