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How Arab American Parents Show Their Children Love

posted on: Mar 19, 2021

By: May Shabti/Arab America Contributing Writer

There tends to be a large number of different ways Arab American parents show their children love. Mothers are highly appreciated in the Arab culture and are looked up to in difficult situations when it comes to their children needing love and affection. For instance, a mother may have her child used to a bedtime story every night before he/she sleeps in order to assure her child of the love and attention they need. In addition, parents may also choose to conduct family bonding times specific in each day such as movie night or even as simple as playing hide and seek at home.

1. Supporting a child’s interests and dreams

In most cases, if something is important to your child, even if you don’t understand why, it is important that your child has your full, unquestioning support. Supporting your child’s dreams and beliefs is the most important act any parent can perform for the sake of their child. When a child feels a support system and the feeling that he/she can achieve whatever they set their mind to, it will relatively increase the chance of it coming to life.

2. Putting food on the table and a roof overhead

Making sure that a child’s basic needs are met is a major expression of love. For some parents throughout the world, it’s also one that is not always easy to accomplish. Arab parents are known to provide the best support as well as basic needs. For instance, food and shelter- love are shown when children acknowledge that their parents are working hard in order to provide their children with a roof over their head to protect them from outside hazards as well as providing them with food in order to not let them encounter the terrible experience of hunger.

3. Always being on call

Parents don’t punch a time clock; they are always on duty. Even when a child is grown and living on his or her own, a parent’s job is never done. Arab parents are always ready to hear their children out especially when they are in the middle of a crisis. Parents will always provide their children with the best advice in order to reduce the stress of their child and find a solution to any of their problems. In addition, all Arab mothers have it in their heart to want the best for their children and keep their interests at heart.

4. Making sacrifices

Most children nowadays don’t know the number of times their parents have sacrificed for them. For instance, parents spend the majority of their lives working in order to provide their kids with the best of everything. Arab parents take the time in their day to teach their children important skills and manners in order to succeed and be the best versions of themselves. Putting a child’s needs before your own sometimes means putting your wants, needs, and desires on the back burner – indefinitely.

5. Teaching life skills

Teaching your child basic skills and responsibilities is one of the most crucial things a parent can teach. In the future, children will be all grown ip and will need to have the basic knowledge of how to survive on their own. One day, your child will leave the nest. A parent’s job in raising a child is to prepare the child for that day.

6. Wanting to hear about what is happening in your child’s life

Listening to your child’s basic plans throughout his or her day is crucial in improving communication skills between each other in order to ease the process when they grow older.  For instance, Middle Eastern parents are known to be interested in their children’s business in order to protect them from any outside dangers as well as provide any help if needed. Your child is your world, your everything. Simply hearing about your child’s day can be rewarding.


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