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A Look on Dubai’s Global Village

posted on: May 17, 2023

Photo: Construction Week

By: Souria Dabbousi / Arab America Contributing Writer

The international community should be like Global Village, where individuals from all ethnicities and nations can coexist sharing experiences, cuisine, and traditions. Millions of visitors come to experience the diversity and attractions focused on it. An accurate representation of a global village, the location is home to 27 pavilions representing 78 different nations. UAE, Saudi Arabia, and India all have pavilions. Pakistan, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, the United States, Thailand, China, Egypt, Europe, Iran, Japan, South Korea, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Turkey, Yemen, Afghanistan, Africa, and Russia are just a few of the countries that are mentioned.

Shop for magnificent carpets from Iran and Afghanistan, argan oil from Morocco, engraved jewelry from Spain, and dried fruits from Thailand, or sample delectable Yemeni honey. From Egypt to Italy, Vietnam to Oman, each pavilion takes guests to the location through fragrance, taste, music, and vibrant décor.

Enjoy international entertainment at the World Culture Stage’s weekly concerts and performances, which feature performers that combine wonder, music, and comedy. Foodies will want to prepare a feast with a sample of foreign foods at the various restaurants, cafés, and street food booths on site while thrill-seekers may keep their adrenaline high on the thrilling carnival rides.

Photo: Khaleej Times

Global Village’s Other Perks

Being able to travel to a number of countries within a few steps is one benefit of Dubai’s Global Village. However, it also features a haunted house, a wide variety of restaurants, and an amusement park.

Along with the park, there is also a Carnaval zone, a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!, and an ice rink for Snowfest.
There are 170 attractions, games, and rides during Carnaval that you may purchase as you go.

The region’s scariest haunted house experience, House of Fear, is sure to leave you shaking in your boots. In the 660 square meter area, a group of performers performs nine experiences. They immerse visitors in heart-pounding scenes including a spooky graveyard and a screaming tree.

But Global Village said goodbye to the summer by closing its doors. Sunday, April 30, marked the conclusion of the 27th successful season. It provided the last opportunity to explore the lovely world that we are all familiar with and adore.

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