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A Syrian Refugee Wants to Crowdfund His Own Restaurant in Brazil

posted on: Sep 6, 2015

The story started at the end of 2014, when Talal welcomed in his home a group of friends and volunteers from Adus, an NGO that assists refugees in São Paulo, where Talal lives with his family. His dishes and snacks proved a success with the guests, and they suggested he use his talents to open his own business.

Thus was born Talal Syrian Cuisine, a food-on-demand delivery service he operates from his own home, providing food for parties and events in São Paulo—including São Paulo’s traditional “Immigrant Party,” which this year had its 20th anniversary and served dinners for 400 people at Pari Mosque (the city’s main mosque) during Ramadan. Talal has also been teaching culinary classes to fellow refugees at Adus. “Since that party, I haven’t stopped cooking,” he told Migramundo.