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Algeria's Minister of Energy and Mining to Speak at U.S.-Arab Economic Forum

posted on: May 6, 2008

Hon. Chakib Khelil, Algeria’s Minister of Energy and Mining, and the current President of OPEC, will be among the attendees at this week’s U.S.-Arab Economic Forum.

Minister Khelil comes with a wealth of international experience. Besides serving as the President of OPEC, the Minister manages and oversees Algeria’s energy and mining sectors, concentrating on ensuring efficient oil and gas production, as well as improving mining opportunities across Algeria. As a former energy specialist with the World Bank, he has reformed much of the oil industries in the developing world for over two decades.

“Minister Khelil’s attendance at the Forum is a clear sign of how Algeria and the U.S. are able to build camaraderie and reciprocal trade, which is central to our Forum’s theme, which focuses on how the U.S. and the Arab world can work together,” said Mr. Nasser Beydoun, COO and Co-Founder of the USAEF.

Given Algeria’s leadership within OPEC, and the burgeoning friendship between the U.S. and Algeria, Honorable Khelil’s presence is vital in building greater bilateral relations with America, and in displaying its current relationship among other Arab states.

Mr. Ahmad Chebbani, the CEO and Chairman of the USAEF stated that, “With Minister Khelil as an attendee, many international leaders will look at how Algeria has built its close relationship with the U.S.”

The Algerian government is a strategic political ally of the U.S. in Africa, and a growing trade partner. Nearly $18 billion of goods were traded between Algeria and the U.S. in 2007 alone. Currently Algeria is on its way to develop a diversified economy, while building a strong partnership with the US.

“In addition to representation from Algeria having OPEC’s presence, through Minister Khelil, is highly valued by the USAEF as Algeria is a key energy supplier to the world,” said Mr. Chebbani.