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ALO Magazine Strikes a Deal with Airlines Bringing Readership to 1.2 Million

posted on: Mar 13, 2008

ALO magazine, the top magazine connecting cultures from East to West through lifestyle living, has proudly formed an alliance with two major airlines bringing its readership to 1.2 million.

A breakthrough publication in cultural unity, diversity, and understanding, ALO takes charge of advancing its mission through a new distribution agreement with Delta Airlines and Kuwait Airways, in New York, Boston, Seattle, Washington DC airports. This expansion brings ALO into VIP club rooms, shuttle services and on board international major airlines.

“Our international and national outreach is rewarding each day as we continue our mission of delivering the highest standards of publishing for Middle Eastern Americans.” says Wafa Kanan, publisher. “We are pleased with this airlines distribution as it confirms the needs and stamps the vision of cultural understanding in corporate America. Pioneering in ethnic marketing, we see even greater distribution is on the horizon.”

Delta Air Lines operates worldwide destinations and is the leader across the Atlantic, Latin America and the Caribbean while Kuwait Airways has proven itself all over the world by not limiting itself to the Middle East and covering the missing links in the Middle East that other international airlines often do not cover.

Now with an accrued readership of 1.2 million, ALO is gaining an increased level of awareness, broadening its reach to all existing forms of lifestyles across cultures and communities.

About ALO Hayati magazine:

As America’s Top Middle Eastern Lifestyle magazine, ALO is an indispensable lifestyle guide, cultural reference and source of entertainment for a highly influential audience. ALO attracts elite lifestyle enthusiasts who want to expand, explore and experience the richness of the Middle Eastern culture.

With an insider’s eye toward the unique aspects of this dynamic and diverse worldwide community, we cover the finest it has to offer in the worlds of heritage, beauty, culture, social issues, dining, art, entertainment, fashion, interior design, nightlife, philanthropy, business, sports and travel.

ALO is available by subscription, at Barnes & Noble and Borders bookstores nationwide and published by Unique Image, Inc.