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Amazing Ways Arab Americans Save Money

posted on: Nov 10, 2020

Amazing Ways Arab Americans Save Money

By: Nana Osei/Arab American Contributing Writer

When it comes to saving money Arab Americans are the experts in the field. They are resilient, patient, and wise when it comes to their spending habits and money. The Census Bureau has found that Arab Americans are twice as likely to have a college degree. Furthermore, they also tend to have higher incomes than the median of Americans. Many Americans can actually learn a lot from how they choose to use their money and why they are so incredible at saving.  So, here are the amazing ways that Arab Americans save money.

When Traveling They Stay with Family

Amazing Ways Arab Americans Save Money

Traveling can be extremely expensive especially based on where you are trying to go. Not only that but your mode of transportation can take up a lot of money too. Cross country trips by car still cost a lot of gas and airplane tickets are so cheap either. However, some of the biggest expenses can come from simply finding a place to stay. Arab Americans get rid of this cost entirely by staying with family. Such a plan can be a fun experience as you get to meet relatives you haven’t seen for a long time while also being on vacation! By staying with family on vacation you can also use some of the money you say to enjoy your new location even more!

They Cook Their Own Food Instead of Eating Out

While many Americans choose to buy fast food instead of cooking meals at home. Arab Americans are not only making a healthy choice but a money-wise one too. Arab Americans cook their own meals at home for the whole family and save so much by doing so. Also, some may think they’d have a problem not eating greasy or fried food from restaurants but that’s not a problem either. Arabic food is composed of some of the most diverse and delicious dishes in the world! It is also very healthy with dishes such as hummus, falafel, and fatayer. So, Arab Americans are eating good and saving like crazy at the same time!

They Carpool and Get Lifts from Family

Amazing Ways Arab Americans Save Money

Arab Americans know how to save money when it comes to local travel. Whether it’s simply going to the supermarket or going to work they can save money in doing so. One way they do this is by carpooling. Carpooling is when instead of taking two cars you simply take one if you’re going to the same destination or they’re near each other. This is common in Arab American families where the wife and husband may take one car to their jobs together. Also if Arab Americans need a ride somewhere, for example, the airport and don’t want to pay to leave their car in parking then they’ll ask a family member to drop them off. Also by doing all of this Arab Americans are actually saving the earth by reducing carbon emissions!

They Use Their Connections

Amazing Ways Arab Americans Save Money

Arab Americans are highly connected and they use it to their advantage. For example, if something breaks in their home instead of hiring outside help they’ll contact a family member instead to fix it. This really helps to save money since sometimes for the easiest appliances to fix companies will charge you more than their worth. Their extended family encompasses individuals of many different occupations from engineers to doctors. If they are looking for jobs to earn more money they always have a family member to rely on for help.

They are Patient and Put off Instant Gratification

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Arab Americans are wise and persistent. While most Americans simply want to live life at the moment Arab Americans choose to think about the future. They save their money for things that truly are important. They save for the long term to buy a car, for marriage, and a home for their family. Their patience is impeccable. They put away instant gratification so that when the time comes they’ll have money for what they truly need. Instead of eating or buying unnecessary materialistic goods, they choose to set long-term goals. In the end, they reach them because of their conviction. I hope to follow the same mindset with my money in the future.

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