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American Arab Chamber to Discuss Investment in Tunisia with White House, Federal Agencies

posted on: Nov 4, 2011

American Arab Chamber of Commerce Chairman Ahmad Chebbani and Executive Director Fay Beydoun are traveling to Washing-ton DC on Nov. 15 to participate in the White House Arab American Business Leaders project.

The Chamber has been working with the White House and several federal agencies to facilitate trade for Arab-American entrepreneurs doing business in the Middle East. This would be the third such meeting this year.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to increase partnerships between the government and businesses,” said Beydoun.

The November meeting will focus on investment in Tunisia. The United States and Tunisia embarked on an economic partnership to further trade with the North African country. The emphasis will be on brokering deals in Tunisia and creating revenue-generating projects.

The conference attendee list includes core investors based upon input from the American Arab Chamber of Commerce, the Tunisian American Young Professionals Network and companies currently doing business in Tunisia.

For more information, please call AACC’s Beydoun at 1-313-510-7916.

Chair travels to North Africa

In the mean times, Chebbani is in North Africa as part of U.S. State Department entrepreneur delegation to Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

The main objective of the delegation is to con-duct workshops, round-tables, and pitch sessions in each country around the key themes of entrepreneurship and early stage investing. He is representing the American Arab Chamber of Commerce and Tech Town from Wayne State University.

“I am delighted to be included in the trip,” Chebbani said. “I look forward to discussing entrepreneurship opportunities in the three countries of North Africa. This is a great opportunity to build economic bridges in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.”

The delegation includes American early stage investors and role model entrepreneurs, with representation from the Maghreb-wide diasporas in the United States.

The delegation will focus on various economic sectors including innovation emphasis, define broadly to include information technology, Ag-tech, Clean-tech and Bio-tech.

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