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American Delivery Service Supports Local Palestinian Businesses

posted on: Jun 10, 2016

BY:  Kristina Perry/Contributing Writer

Growing from the recent boom in subscription goods services, PalBox is a fair trade and 501(c)(3) organization that sends organic and cultural Palestinian goods in a quarterly box. Half of all proceeds from purchases of PalBox benefit the International Solidarity Movement, a nonviolent means of resisting Israeli occupation and oppression.

Inside the box is a full size bottle of certified organic Palestinian olive oil, which is cold pressed, extra virgin, and fair trade. Palestinian olive oil is the best in the world, and has been used throughout the region for millennia, with olive trees being treated as part of the family that owns them. This full flavored olive oil is the perfect addition to almost any meal.  In addition, olive oil has fantastic cosmetic benefits, as well.

Other than a bottle of olive oil, included in the PalBox are two full-size bars of olive oil soap, which is ultra-moisturizing, and leaves skin lightly scented and silky smooth. With no perfumes, sulfates, harsh chemicals, and nothing to dry out your skin, 100% pure Palestinian olive oil soap is an excellent addition for the skin care routine for people of all ages.

Also included in PalBox is Palestinian Za’atar, or thyme. Za’atar is mixed with olive oil and baked onto bread for a traditional and delicious breakfast, or anytime of day snack. Mixed with just the right amounts of sea salt, sumac, and sesame, this special blend of thyme can be used to liven up salads, eaten with pita and labneh, or sprinkled on meat and fish, as well.

Palestinian art, such as music and jewelry with calligraphy, changes quarterly with the box, and showcases the overwhelming creativity of Palestinians. Jewelry features semi-precious stones and beautiful calligraphy done by Katie Miranda, who studied with a master calligrapher in Palestine. Palestinians have long been on the front lines of artistic expression, and this box will allow you to keep a finger to the fast pulse of the Palestinian art and music scene.

PalBox is great for personal use, but also make the perfect gift for fellow Arab Americans interested in supporting the Palestinian economy.

Organic, fair trade Palestinian edibles, cultural items, and Arabic calligraphy jewelry are all packaged in the PalBox and delivered to your door quarterly. Save it for yourself, share with your friends, or give as a gift to a loved one who shares your values of a free Palestine.