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American Egyptian Strategic Alliance To Help U.S. Policymakers Develop New Engagement Model with Post-Mubarak Egypt

posted on: Feb 14, 2012


Today, a coalition of American Egyptians from around the United States launched a new advocacy organization, the American Egyptian Strategic Alliance (AESA), designed to assist U.S. policymakers in developing a new engagement model with Post- Mubarak Egypt. At a time of unprecedented change, turmoil and promise in the Middle East, AESA leaders believe that the U.S.- Egypt bilateral relationship will survive its current challenges to create a lasting alliance between both nations based upon mutual respect, strategic security interests, and a common quest for peace and stability in the Middle East.

“A strong and stable Egypt is in the best interest of the United States, and American Egyptians can play a vital role in shaping, advising, and influencing U.S.- Egypt bilateral relations” noted Kais Menoufy, President of the Board of AESA. He added: “AESA’s members bring a diverse set of expertise and a keen understanding of the language, political landscape, religious diversity, economic needs and social nuances of Egypt. This uniquely positions AESA members to fill a current policy void in Washington while advising and educating U.S. government officials and decision makers.” With this mission in mind, the American Egyptian Strategic Alliance has established its headquarters in Washington D.C.


As a 501(c)(4) organization, AESA strives to assist decision makers in defining and shaping U.S. policies towards Egypt, and in furthering the creation and protection of a civil society which is based on the universal values of human dignity, democratic process, freedom of speech and individual rights.