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An Action Plan for New Arab Americans in the New Year

posted on: Jan 15, 2020

Collaborative Center for Justice

By: Ala Abed-Rabbo/Arab America Contributing Writer

The year 2020 has begun, and Arab Americans should focus on an action plan, and here are some suggested ideas, as explained by Arab America contributing writer, Ala Abed-Rabbo, on how to spend one’s free time!

Study English and Invest in Education

English is a global language and is the official language of 53 countries and spoken by around 1.5 billion people across the universe. Learning English is not just about being able to communicate with native English speakers, but it is the language of business, will open more opportunities for work, understand the different cultures, and opens the mind to knowledge. If one wishes to speak to someone from another country, then the chances are that they will both be speaking English for better communication.

Moreover, spending time on education generates substantial development benefits. Learning may reduce deprivation, improves economic growth, and increases income. Knowledge is one of the most valuable investments countries make in its people and their future. Thus, education is the essential foundation for success and chances for Arab Americans chasing their dreams for a new beginning of a new year.


Also, networking will help one expand and enhance their skill set, stay on top of up-to-date trends in their business, maintain a pulse on the job marketplace, meet potential mentors, significant others, and consumers, and gain access to the required resources that will foster career improvements. Interacting is a great skill to have because it can advance in one’s profession, business links, and social life.

The Importance of Integrating into the American Society

Center for American Progress

The incorporation of Arab Americans and their children contribute to the U.S. economic vitality and their vibrant and ever-altering culture, which is all-important to “feel” a part of the country’s civilization. The integration of Arabs into American Society summarizes the discoveries of new research on how they and their families adjust to the culture in a variety of areas such as education, careers, and language.

Keep Communication with Extended Family

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Moving to another country should not mean that Arab Americans should “forget” about their relatives residing elsewhere but instead keep a connection at all times. Interaction within the family is critical because it enables them to convey their desires, needs, and concerns to each other.

It is via contact that family members may solve the inevitable challenges that occur in all relatives. Embrace good habits from the host country while maintaining cultural heritage. Therefore, stay in touch with the folks back home!

Why Join a Religious Institution?

To have a holy place to anchor and replenish, such as a Church, Synagogue, Mosque, Kingdom Hall, Bodh Gaya, Hindu Temple, or Temple Mount, gives a worshiper a “home feeling” to call an individual’s spiritual being. A place of prayer nurtures a sense of sacred identity and belonging to something outside of one’s self.

Arab Americans should involve in volunteer work and outreach religious ministries. There are always ways to participate in service to those in need as a team of faithful members. Arabs may gain experience in opportunities to contribute to leadership activities – a holy group is a great place to build public, management, and team-building skills as one learns the programmatic side of how an institute runs.

Always Promote Arab Heritage


“Historical accounts of cultural heritage are deeply rooted in the long and rich dynamics of valued sites, artifacts, folklores, different dialects, and languages.”

The Arab provinces are home for people of various backgrounds with different geographical environments. Arabs have their cultural particularities and respected traditional notions where philosophies and intangible principles remain in sayings, tales, stories, and more.

Therefore, Arab Americans should promote their culture by connecting with individuals as a representation of identity and a source of pride. The Arab legacy is rich in customs, laws, attire, architectural style, social norms, and religious views. It is essential to symbolize and show the Arab Heritage to others from different ethnicity. Furthermore, be sure to be a part of the annual National Arab American Heritage Month,

Volunteer with Non-profits, or Community Services

Helpers are of massive benefit to nonprofit organizations, and not only do they help to save money, but they can offer better service to customers, expand contact with the greater community, better accessible skill, and lower costs of services.

Moreover, the advantages of volunteer work go far and broad with a ripple impact that initiates with the individual and nonprofit organization and reaches ahead of the more general public. The more people provide in community service, the happier they feel.

Arab Americans must participate in volunteering because it increases self-confidence. Participating in doing good for others and the community provides a natural sense of achievement. Intermingling with new people and contributing time to help others can build a new sense of gratitude for one’s self.

Become Active with Local, State, and Federal Government Elected Representatives


Arab Americans may take part in politics in many ways. “Experts have found several social and economic characteristics to be strongly associated with high levels of political participation.”

The most significant characteristic of a politically involved citizen shows a high level of education. In the USA, Arab Americans have many chances to take part in the democracy system on federal, state, and local levels to have a voice in government, symbolize their rights as American citizens, and embrace a more active public.

VOTE! Register and Do it

There are as many reasons to vote. If people do not vote, they are allowing others to decide who should win and take care of public issues. Voting is important because it is the right of citizens. Registering to vote may provoke change where it allows many to voice their opinions, have the power to alter local and state government policy decisions and demonstrate dedication to convey the validity of one’s ideas.


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