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Ancient Egypt Discovery: How Tombs Told Archaeologists Egyptians were Skilled Musicians

posted on: Jan 16, 2020

ANCIENT Egypt was home to many prolific instrumentalists who mastered the art of music about 5,000 years ago, an archaeologist has announced.



The songs and music of Ancient Egypt may have been forever lost to time. But archaeologists have uncovered evidence to suggest skilled musicians were present around the rise of the Pharaohs in 3,100 BC.

Ancient tomb murals dating back more than 5,000 years suggest the Egyptians played a wide variety of percussive and string instruments.

Archaeologist and author Katarzyna TatoĊ„ told the Polish Press Agency (PAP) the Egyptians played dozens of instruments, some of which have survived till today.

Among the surviving instruments are Egyptian harps, flutes and clarinets.

Unfortunately, researchers do not know what sort of sounds and compositions the Egyptians enjoyed.