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Arab America Launches "Waasta Connect" Listserv

posted on: Feb 17, 2021

For Immediate Release

Washington DC (February 15, 2021): Arab America is proud to announce the launch of our new listserv, WaastaConnect ( Waasta loosely means “who you know” or “connections” in Arabic, and that is what we intend with this listserv.

“Following the success of the Connect Arab America: Empowerment Summit, we plan to grow and strengthen our community and form lasting connections among Arab Americans and friends,” said Warren David, president of Arab America, he went on to say, “With this historic launch, WaastaConnect will empower Arab Americans by connecting with each other, sharing job listings, posting scholarships, and events.”

What is the WaastaConnect listserv?

A listserv is a method of communicating with people over email. One person can send an email to an address called the “reflector” email (or, in our case, the Arab America email address), and that email is then sent out to everyone who subscribes to the group. 

Arab America’s WaastaConnect will be a discussion-based listserv, meaning that everyone will have the ability to send a message to the group, after a moderator looks over it. As a subscriber, you can choose to get the emails as they come in or have a “digest”, where you get a weekly email with the emails for that week.

Although a listserv is an older form of technology, many companies are applying new technology to this idea. Arab America will be using, a new company that many organizations have turned to. This new company is user-friendly and has much more abilities. For example, users are allowed to mute certain topics, add shared events to their calendar, share files, and more.

What are the advantages of the WaastaConnect listserv?

The listserv helps people stay connected based on a shared interest, no matter where your geographic location is. With this listserv, you can connect with people you might not have known before. 

What are the uses of this listserv?

With our WaastaConnect listserv, we have a couple of uses in mind:

  • Sending job postings
  • Sharing your resumes
  • Sharing events
  • Posting contract positions (like looking for a photographer)
  • Sharing resources for Arab Americans (such as scholarships)

How can I join?

Anyone can join our listserv! After joining, you will begin receiving emails from the group. Click here to join, and then click the “Join this group” button.

About Arab America

Arab America is a national media organization founded with the purpose of promoting an accurate image of the Arab American community and the Arab world. Arab America’s primary goal is to become a “bridge” bringing together the diverse Arab American community. Secondly, Arab America is an educational resource site for all Americans disseminating accurate information about Arab Americans and the Arab world. Finally, Arab America empowers Arab Americans through advocacy, entrepreneurship, and professional networking.

To sign-up for WaastaConnect, click here.

For more information about Arab America, click here.

For media inquiries, contact Raneem Ghunaim here.


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