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Arab America TV Announces Distribution on ROKU

posted on: Oct 14, 2015

Arab America TV Announces Distribution on ROKU

Arab America ( is proud to announce Arab America Television ( is now available nationally on ROKU.

Roku is a small black box which allows you to instantly stream your favorite TV shows and movies on your home TV. On Roku, you can stream tens of thousands of movies and TV shows from some of the leading networks.



“There are currently over 10 million ROKU boxes and currently 20–30 million actual Roku viewers.” said Warren David, president of Arab America. “The distribution potential is tremendous and we are looking forward to positioning Arab America TV in thousands of ROKU homes.”

To stream Arab America TV on your home television you will need to purchase ROKU from one of the leading national retailers (Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Amazon, etc.) or from ROKU directly. There is only a one time fee to purchase ROKU and no monthly fees.

Once ROKU is installed, you can add us to your ROKU TV box. Search for “Arab America Television” and when prompted for the Channel Code enter, “2RW78”. Or for adding our channel from the WEB, go to the channel URL at “https:/

Launched in January, 2015, Arab America Television is a 24 hour web-based linear channel streaming in North America via the web. Additionally, it can be accessed on smart devices through Arab America’s App for Android and iPhone, Google TV, Apple TV, and now ROKU. As the first channel to stream educational and cultural content about the Arab world and Arab Americans, Arab America Television is a platform for award winning documentaries, feature films, comedy, and music.

Arab America ( is a national organization founded with the purpose of promoting an accurate image about the Arab American community and the Arab world through the dissemination of digital media via the web, email, social media, radio, and television.

For more information contact Arab America at: