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Arab American Owned Daily Deal Aggregrator Aims to Change the Way We Shop Online

posted on: Oct 24, 2011

Arab Americans Fadi Bahri and Tarek Murad, Serial Entrepreneurs and Superheroes of Saving, have launched a daily deal aggregator that delivers North America’s hottest deals each morning to members’ inboxes.

With DealHomer, there is no longer a need to sign up for countless daily deal sites that the industry has been flooding consumers with. “Like everyone else over the last few years, I love daily deal sites, but I dread seeing my inbox flooded with numerous deal site emails,” says Mr. Bahri from DealHomer’s Miami, Florida headquarters. “It felt like spam, instead of a useful tool to help me save. DealHomer was born out of the simplicity of receiving one ‘good morning email’ in an effort to innovate the online deal shopping experience for consumers across North America.”

Since launching in May, Fadi and Tarek have established affiliate partnerships with over 165 daily deal websites, showcasing more than 10,500 daily deals across the US and Canada, a number that grows every day. DealHomer deals include offers from some of the most recognizable brands; including,,,,, and many more. With an increase of its user base of 20% each day, DealHomer has demonstrated explosive growth in a short period, fueled by consumer’s attraction to popular deals from across the web without the email overload.

DealHomer’s vision is to revolutionize the online deal industry much like, and have done for their industry. “Internet history has taught us that centralizing various marketplaces for the consumer is ultimately the evolution of online commerce, and we aim to be at the forefront of that effort in this sector,” states Mr. Murad. “We’re early in the game, and continuing to roll out unique and convenient features for the consumer while providing insightful analytics to help our partner deal sites target and understand our user base with specificity. This is an extraordinary value that our partners can then turnaround and sell to their clients, making an even stronger case for targeted advertising and differentiation among their competitors.”

For Bahri and Murad, it’s not all about business – it’s about having some fun, too. “Homer, DealHomer’s homing pigeon mascot, gives the site a personal touch and recommends deals for each member based on their interests and browsing criteria,” says Mr. Bahri. “Each morning, Homer brings great deals home to each of our users. We wanted to give people a unique symbol that expresses the personality of our brand. Saving money and group buying is a fun activity, and we didn’t want to be just another boring deal site.”

For now, the Superhero duo are taking things in stride and managing their growth responsibly. “To us the consumer experience is everything. Content, or in this case, deals, are king. But, we want to make sure the consumer has a safe, fun, and streamlined online experience,” says Mr. Bahri.

The sensation of the daily deals industry is certainly here to stay with Bahri and Murad helping lead the second iteration via daily deal aggregation.