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Arab America's Wish List for President-Elect Trump

posted on: Nov 9, 2016

Arab Amerca's Wish List for President Trump

In the days leading up to Election Night, Arab America reached out to fellow community members and asked them to share what they want from the next president, regardless of who won. Below is a list of wishes that Arab Americans hope President-elect Donald Trump will achieve during his tenure. Some wishes have never been achieved by any president in the past, but hope remains among many Arab Americans to see the best leadership possible on a variety of issues.

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“My wish is to have a president who appreciates Arab Americans contributions to the well being of the country.”
Ahmad Ghanem, Los Angeles, CA


“I wish for a president who will end the wars on drugs and terror. And admit that they were misnamed all along.”
Abudi Tafesh, Seattle, WA


“I hope and wish the next President works to ensure and support a MENA ethnicity option for the 2020 census.”
Patrick Nahhas, Uniontown, PA


“Free Palestine and you’ll free all Arabs”
Mike Enayah, West Bloomfield, MI


“I wish the next president will make student debt and college education affordable.”
Shema Aman, Detroit, MI


“I wish for the next president to pass the Equal Protection in Travel Act.”
Haya Bachrouch, Ann Arbor, MI


“We need to raise our standards for public education and improve our support for underprivileged communities.”
Naji Sawas, San Francisco, CA


“I look forward to the next four years with my sister in mind and to know that she will live in a country with a leader that values her being, her intellect, her contributions to the full extent of their merit.”
Eugene Smith, Chicago, IL


“My wish is to have a president that encourages positive representation of Arab Americans, African Americans, and all other minorities in the country.”
-Adriana Murray, Washington DC


“I hope the next president will emphasize education, research, and technological advances above all other investments in order to propel America further into the 21st Century.”
Nisreen Eadeh, Washington, DC


“I wish for an inclusive president who is not only tolerant, but beyond tolerant of the diverse population in the U.S.”
Dr. Amal David, National Harbor, MD


“I wish for an Arab American advisor to the president in the White House, who is representative and inclusive of all Arab Americans regardless of their political affiliation, ethnicity, or religion. 
Warren David, Washington DC