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Arab Designers Illuminate the Golden Globes Red Carpet

posted on: Jan 17, 2024

Fashion Show. Photo: Wikimedia

By: Ziyan Qutub / Arab American Contributing Writer


In the dazzling world of Hollywood’s Golden Globes, the red carpet becomes a runway where fashion transcends boundaries and cultural influences take center stage. This year, the spotlight shone brightly on Arab designers, hailing from Lebanon, Bahrain, and the UAE, as they adorned Hollywood’s elite in creations that seamlessly blended tradition with contemporary allure. From Sophie Couture’s jaw-dropping red gown on Heidi Klum to Georges Chakra’s Lebanese splendor gracing Andra Day, each ensemble was a testament to the growing influence of Arab designers on the international fashion stage.

Sophie Couture: A Vision in Red Elegance

The Golden Globes red carpet witnessed a moment of sheer elegance as supermodel Heidi Klum graced the event in a stunning red gown designed by UAE-based couturier Sophie Couture. The dress, featuring a slit and a crystallized corset top, instantly became a showstopper. Founded in 2005, Sophie Couture has evolved into a global sensation, recently making waves at the Cannes Film Festival in 2023. Heidi Klum’s appearance not only showcased the designer’s finesse but also marked a defining moment for Arab couture on the international stage.

Georges Chakra: Lebanese Mastery Takes Center Stage

Lebanese couturier Georges Chakra continued to mesmerize the red carpet with his timeless creations, worn by both Andra Day and Molly Sims. Andra Day, a Grammy Award-winning sensation, radiated elegance in an off-the-shoulder ruffled dress, showcasing Chakra’s ability to seamlessly blend Middle Eastern heritage with Hollywood glamor. Molly Sims, adorned in a pleated gold ensemble with a 3D rose on her shoulder, further highlighted Chakra’s distinctive fusion of luxury and artistic flair. The Lebanese designer’s label gained global recognition after being featured in “The Devil Wears Prada” in 2015 and continues to be a go-to choice for Hollywood’s elite.

Monsoori: Bahraini Sophistication Graces the Red Carpet

Bahraini brand Monsoori, once an up-and-coming label, solidified its place in the couture landscape, dressing actress Janelle James in a simple yet striking velvet gown with dramatic sleeves. The brand’s ascent to dressing A-listers globally attests to its undeniable influence in the world of high fashion. Janelle James, embodying timeless elegance, showcased the brand’s ability to capture the essence of sophistication with a touch of Middle Eastern allure.

Safiyaa: Dubai Glamour Shines in Yellow and Black

Dubai-based brand Safiyaa made a memorable appearance on the Golden Globes red carpet as Sheryl Lee Ralph donned a yellow and black dress. Featuring an off-the-shoulder design and puff sleeves, the ensemble perfectly encapsulated the brand’s commitment to blending modern style with traditional elegance. Safiyaa’s presence at the event highlighted Dubai’s burgeoning influence on the global fashion stage.


In a night where Hollywood celebrates the best in entertainment, the Golden Globes also became a canvas for the brilliance of Arab designers. From Sophie Couture’s UAE allure to Georges Chakra’s Lebanese mastery, and Monsoori’s Bahraini sophistication to Safiyaa’s Dubai glamor, each designer left an indelible mark, showcasing not just fashion but a celebration of identity, resilience, and the thriving spirit of the Arab fashion landscape. The Golden Globes red carpet, adorned with these couture masterpieces, affirmed that Arab elegance is an integral and influential part of the global fashion narrative.

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