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Arab Foods in Season this Fall

posted on: Oct 23, 2019

BY: Nisreen Eadeh/Arab America Contributing Writer

Forget about your lemons, melons, avocados, and nectarines. The Fall sesson has begun and with it comes sweet vegetables, hard fruit, and dry herbs. There is a misconception that fruit and vegetables are best if they’re grown in the summer, but autumn’s seasonal produce are equally as delicious.

Since the Arab world was blessed with dry heat, select summer produces, like tomatoes, remain excellent past the summer. These summer favorites are joined by October’s finest fruits and vegetables. This time of year is especially wonderful for the Arab diet because it brings plenty of healthy, yet sweet, delights.


Raw Olives

Try an at-home curing treatment with raw red or yellow olives to give them a flavor all your own.


This ancient fruit resembles pears but has to be cooked before eaten. Try a quince pie recipe this fall and fall in love with the fruit.


This sweet fruit is native to East Asia but can be found across the Levant now.

Yellow and Red Dates

Often called the healthiest fruit on Earth, red dates are back! Pick up some yellow dates too to try new flavors.


Fresh figs definitely taste better than fig newtons, so put these purple beauties out on a table with guests in October.


There are endless possibilities with tomatoes. Just make sure you use them while they’re still fresh and in season!



Without a doubt… The best way to eat cabbage is rolled up with rice and meat!

Bell peppers

Peppers are a close second for the best-stuffed vegetable.


Roasted, fried, mixed with tahini, or dipped in ranch – there are many ways to get your cauliflower fix in the fall.

Fennel bulbs

Arabs are already eating plenty of fennel seeds, so try a bulb this season to shake things up!


Charred eggplant with tahini makes this season vegetable “baladi”.

Sweet onion

Grilling season has officially ended, but you can still get a similar flavor from the sweet onions by putting the skewers over a glass or metal pan in the oven.


Squash is planted in mid to late summer, so by October, they are ready to be stuffed for the table.



Your mint is ready to dry it out or use the fresh leaves in tea this season.


This fragrant herb can make any dish delicious.


Put it in soup, salad, rice, or anything else you love. Coriander goes great with almost anything.


Start picking that parsley because now is the time for tabouli!


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