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Arab Songs That Have Trended on Tik Tok

posted on: Nov 9, 2022

Photo: Discover Tik Tok on Tik Tok’s popular videos

By: Nouha Elyazidi / Arab America Contributing Writer

The popular social media network Tik-Tok has taken over generation-z. The new social media network is essentially a platform where users employ different audios over a video, and the videos can vary from recipes to comedy, to art. The platform has developed great popularity, and within the platform every so often there will be a song/audio that will be the “hit” for that week or month. These songs are usually catchy tunes with relatable lyrics that can be used in videos. The trending song a few months ago was Go Easy on Me by Adele because of her new album release. During summer 2021, the on repeat audios were by rising artist Olivia Rodrigo with the release of her album that became the heartbreak album of Tik Tok. All of these audios have increased the artist’s success and increased their popularity. However, did you know that there have been some Arabic songs written by Arab Artists that have also been trending! 

Hadal Ahibik-Issam Alnajjar

18-year-old Jordanian Issam Alnajjar took Tik Tok by storm with his song, Hadal Ahebak. The music video to this catchy yet meaningful song has received over 100 million videos and 2.5 million likes. As for the platform Tik Tok, the song has gained great popularity and there is even a slowed remix of the song that has been used in over 60,000 videos. This song has caught the attention of verified creators and was a proud moment for Arabs everywhere having a beautiful Arabic song be recognized and appreciated. 

Fi Hagat/Talking to the Moon-Elyanna

The lovely and talented Elyanna has developed a substantial following on Tik Tok, showing her personality and Arab culture in many of her videos. During the spring of 2021, she posted a cover mashup of the song Talking to the Moon by Bruno Mars and Fi Hagat by Nancy Ajram. This beautiful cover has received over 11 million views and is featured in over 160,000 different videos. Arabs living in the Arab world, Arabs in the West, and Americans alike all adore this song, evident by the 25,000 comments left under her video in both English and Arabic. Elyanna’s beautiful blending of the two different songs in different languages is somewhat symbolic of the bridging of Arab and American culture and art. 

Basbousa- Gizira Band

This song has silly lyrics, describing cats falling in love, however, it gained great popularity on Tik Tok because of its great beats. In particular, it was the Tik Toker EHIZ who gave the song its great popularity. EHIZ uses the song Basbooa in multiple Tik Tok videos doing a dramatic lip-syncing to it and one of his videos has 62.7 million views and 7 million likes! EHIZ made a few versions of his original videos and each one of them has a few million of views! This song also has been made into many different great remixes.

I Need Your Love-Faydee

The music and lyric videos of these songs have gained collectivity over 66 million views. This song was produced 7 years ago, but it has resurfaced and been used in over 30 thousand videos. This summer jam features Faydee, who is of Lebanese descent and incorporates some Arab vocabulary in the chorus.

Arab music is often overlooked, but it has beautiful lyrics and these amazing songs and artists have done a great job of highlighting Arab music on a large platform!

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