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Arab Americans

George Shaheen

George Shaheen


George T. Shaheen (born July 11, 1944), an American businessman, was chief executive at management consulting firm Andersen Consulting from 1989 to 1999, before moving on to now-defunct online grocer Webvan. His Webvan employment agreement, signed September 19, 1999 was filed with the SEC.[1] By going to Webvan, Shaheen missed out on the windfall of the Accenture initial public offering.[2] He holds a master’s degree in finance from Bradley University.[3] Shaheen is an American of Lebanese descent.[4]

In 2005-2006, Shaheen was CEO of Siebel Systems, Inc.[5] and served as CEO when it merged with Oracle.[6] He did not stay on with Oracle after the merger.

Cultural references

George Shaheen was the target of parody in the comic Bigtime Consulting, which had a very similar CEO character named George Unseen.