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Authentic Arab Food Blogs

posted on: Mar 28, 2022

Black&White Magazine Source

By: Anthony Bayyouk / Arab America contributing Writer

If there’s one thing Arabs love to bond over it’s food. Every tradition and occasion involved food. Recipes have been passed down from generation to generation. Each Country in the Arab World has a national dish yet all countries collectively share multiple dishes. Grape leaves and falafel are among the most popular. Besides politics, Arabs love to argue about what nations make the best dishes. Through the rise of technology Arabs now have a platform to share their recipes with the world. Middle Eastern food blogs are becoming more and more popular among Arab housewives. Being able to cook Middle Eastern food is a talent, and teaching it has turned into a profession. In this Arab America article, we will explore the many Arab food bloggers.  

Fufu’s Kitchen Source

First on our list is Fufu’s Kitchen. The blog is run by a Palestinian American named Heifa who received the nickname fufu from her father growing up. Receiving a nickname growing up is quite common in Middle Eastern culture. When Heifa got married she moved to Chicago, a city she was unfamiliar with. Heifa had a lot of free time on her hands that she filled with cooking and baking. Growing up Heifa was surrounded by Middle Eastern food, today Heifa goes outside of her comfort zone and cooks food from different cultures. Heifa blog also caters to gluten and dairy-sensitive audiences. Heifa blog offers dozens of recipes and also a list of 20 pantry essentials when cooking Middle Eastern food. Check out Heifa Blog Here.


Rose Water & Orange Blossom Blog Source

Next on our list is Maureen Aboob, founder of Rose Water & Orange Blossom Blog. Abood is a Lebanese American food blogger whose goal has always been to share and simplify classic Lebanese recipes. Abood left her job to pursue culinary schools, from there she started her blog and wrote about her journey. Abood has written and published her cookbook, “Rose Water & Orange Blossoms: Fresh and Classic Recipes from My Lebanese Kitchen”. Which is for sale on her website among many other things. Abood’s online shop consists of ma’moul molds for the holidays, olive oil, gift boxes, sweets, raw hummus, baklava, spices, among many other things. Vist Abood vlog and shop here.  

Feast In The Middle East Source

Next up is Feast In The Middle East. This blog is run by Blanche Shaheen from Californian. Shaheen is a host and reporter for ABC’s entertainment program “ View From The Bay”. In 2010 Shaheen decided to create her cooking show with recipes that have been passed down for over 100 years. Shaheen shares her recipes on her YouTube channel with over 68k subscribers and was named the 6th best Middle Eastern cooking show in the world. Shaheen takes 100-year-old recipes and puts a modern spin on today’s western lifestyle, one example of this is her baklava, granola, yogurt parfait. Shaheen’s goal is to share her recipes with the world so everyone can have a little feast from the Middle East. Check Out Shaheen Youtube Channel here!

Sweet Pillar Food Source

Next on our list is Sweet Pillar Food run by Nadia, born in Syria and moved to the US when she was just a year old. Nadia found a love for cooking through the best teachers in the world, her mom, and grandma. Growing up Nadia loved Saturday breakfast while Farouz played in the background. During the holidays she would help her mother roll grape leaves and mold the ma’moul cookies. Nadia’s blog consists of many different areas of content. She writes about travel food guilds for anyone in or traveling to California, Dubai, or Beirut. Her page also includes drink recipes, party food recipes, one-pot recipes. The amount of food content is endless. Check out Nadia’s blog here.

Each food blog listed here started as a small hobby and has turned into Arab Americans sharing amazing recipes with the world. For the people out there that have received old recipes from their mother or grandmother, you don’t need a blog to share your skills. Start on Facebook or Instagram and see where it takes you. Food is at the center of every culture in the world. Agriculture, social class, and traditions all play a factor when cooking food from any region. Take a moment to visit the blogs and learn something new. What is especially interesting about the blogs listed above is that although the dishes are the same you will be able to tell that each Country makes it a little differently. 

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