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The Best Tweets That Came Out of #ILoveBeingArab

posted on: Mar 3, 2017

BY: Nisreen Eadeh/Staff Writer

We’re not sure why the hashtag #ILoveBeingArab came about this week on Twitter, but we’re not sad about it!

Arabs who love their culture have been sharing pictures and videos of their perfect eyebrows, delicious kunafe, and best dabke moves.

Food dominated the hashtag for the most part because – let’s face it – the best part about being Arab is the food.

Here are some of the best tweets that came out of #ILoveBeingArab

1. Arab women that are so self-aware

2. Indulging in North Africa and El Sham

3. Embracing Arab time because you look too good not to take a selfie first

4. Because food

5. Having some sass

6. Knowing how to look good at a wedding, at a festival, and at a protest

7. Being the most proud Egyptian

8. Or is THIS the most proud Egyptian??

9. This kunafe video that could make anyone drool

10. Shamelessly blasting Arab music

11. Smallah those eyes!

12. More incredible Arab food

13. Subtle but still proud

14. All the hair

15. All the hookah and tatreez

16. Because seriously the food is so good

17. Being honest

18. The fashion is pretty good, too

19. Doing cool stuff like this guy

20. Have we mentioned the food yet?