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America's Other Orchestras: Arab American Ensemble Series Episode 4

Aug 17, 2016

Aswat, San Francisco’s Voices of Passion BY: Sami Asmar/Contributing Writer When an organization is founded by one individual, a highly motivated and passionate person, the passion comes through all its work. The principle applies to the wealthiest companies in the(...)

Why Beirut was Named the Top International City for Food

Aug 17, 2016

BY: Adriana Murray/Contributing Writer  People often ask what they possibly have in common with someone halfway across the world and the answer is food.  Everyone desires not only to nourish their bodies, but also to have incredibly delicious food experiences.(...)

Arab Influences In The Balearic Islands

Aug 17, 2016

BY: Habeeb Salloum/Contributing Writer As we wandered along the tiny streets in the ancient Arab quarter of Palma, capital of the Balearic Islands, every once and a while we would peer through wrought-iron gates and heavy wooden doors fascinated with(...)

#ArabsAreNotWhite Twitter Storm Challenges Race Check Box

Aug 17, 2016

BY: Alexa George/Contributing Writer Throughout history, Arab people have always been subjected to challenges centered around their race. Today, it is no different. Trending this week on social media is the hashtag #ArabsAreNotWhite to showcase the level of upset Arab(...)

Arab American Man Murdered by Racist Neighbor, Police Still Won't Call it a Hate Crime

Aug 16, 2016

BY: Nisreen Eadeh/Staff Writer An Arab American man was fatally shot on his porch by his racially charged neighbor in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Friday night. Khalid Jabara, 37, was a Lebanese Christian who had a history of unpleasant exchanges with(...)

Arab America Ambassador Network

Aug 15, 2016

To be an Ambassador, please go to this link and apply: ARAB AMERICA AMBASSADOR NETWORK For Immediate Release Arab America Launches Ambassador Network Empowering Arab Americans through digital media (WASHINGTON, DC) August 15, 2016 - Arab America, the leading provider of digital media to the Arab(...)

CNN Wrongfully Equated Arab American Muslim Woman with ISIL #Hummus Haters

Aug 12, 2016

With all the anti-Arab bashing we see in the news every week, Arab America is determined to expose those who discriminate against our community. We will recognize those who vilify the positive influence and contributions Arabs have made to the(...)

Palestine Does Not Receive Label on Google Maps

Aug 12, 2016

BY: Andrew Hansen/Contributing Writer Several weeks ago, a journalism group operating out of Gaza City reported that Google had removed Palestine from their Maps. Arab America investigates some of the facts and fiction behind this story of the massive navigation(...)

UAE and Egypt Win First Three Olympic Medals from the Arab World

Aug 11, 2016

BY: Alexa George/Contributing Writer  On Tuesday August 9, United Arab Emirates athlete Sergiu Toma was the first Arab to win a medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Toma was born in Moldova but was naturalized by the UAE in 2013.(...)

Bradley Cooper to Produce Television Show on “ISIS”

Aug 11, 2016

BY: Tamara Wong Azaiez/ Contributing Writer  Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper is set to create a television series on the Islamic State and its rise in the Middle East. Cooper has decided to pursue production after his debut as the producer(...)
Falafel Fighters: Legislators Fighting For Arab Americans

Arab America Presents: #FalafelFighters with 12 Legislators Fighting For Arab Americans

Aug 10, 2016

In response to the popular series #HummusHaters, which highlights those who vilify the Arab American community and calls on them to try a taste of our culture, Arab America presents #FalafelFighters. Those who fight against anti-Arab bigotry, Islamophobia, and discrimination towards(...)

Arabs Make Historic Impression at the Rio Olympics

Aug 10, 2016

BY: Andrew Hansen/Contributing Writer Since Friday, as the world turned its attention to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the 2016  Summer Olympics, audiences have been able to witness historic Arab participation in the games. After months of anticipation for Brazil’s(...)

2,105 Results (Page 142 of 176)