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Despite Global Recession, Lebanese Tourism at All Time High

Mar 31, 2010

BY: Ameera David/Contributing Writer It’s known as the “Paris of the Middle East” and is often boasted as the only place where you can lay on the beach and ski down a mountaintop in the same day. This geographical treasure is(...)

Census to Count Arabs as White, Despite Write-In Campaign

Mar 25, 2010

BY: Suzanne Manneh/Contributing Writer The Census Bureau says it doesn’t matter if Arab Americans write their race in on their Census questionnaire. Even if they check the “other” box and write in “Arab,” as many community groups advocate, the Census(...)

Arab Americans Organize to Get Counted in Census

Mar 11, 2010

BY: Suzanne Manneh/Contributing Writer A coalition of Arab American cultural organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area have launched a grassroots organizing campaign designed to send a clear message to Washington: that they, along with every other Arab in America, are(...)

Film Fest Highlights Palestinian Narrative

Mar 10, 2010

BY: Ameera David/Contributing Writer Lighting up Ann Arbor’s most exclusive venues this weekend is the highly anticipated Palestine Film Festival—with its official opening tonight at the historic Michigan Theater. Now, in its second year, the film fest hopes to entertain a(...)
Arab America

The Mystique of Haifa Wehbe

Mar 3, 2010

She’s known as “The Lebanese Marilyn Monroe” and is often compared to US pop singer Britney Spears. Since her musical debut in 2002, Lebanese pop sensation Haifa Wehbe has acquired an unprecedented amount of fame—suggesting there is just something that(...)
Arab America

New DIA Gallery Engages Public with Muslim World

Feb 24, 2010

This Sunday, February 28th marks the public opening of the newly established Islamic gallery at the Detroit Institute of Arts. With the displayed Islamic art pieces in acquisition by the DIA for over 100 years, the elaborate gallery has been(...)
Arab America

Arab American Muslims, Christians Provide Relief to Haiti

Jan 20, 2010

Just a day after a devastating earthquake struck Haiti, the death toll was already estimated at over 1,000 people. Today, only a week later, that toll is thought to stand at 200,000—a number inclining with each passing hour. Now, in(...)
Arab America

Arab-Latin Music: A Rich, Shared History

Jan 13, 2010

Tonight, Arabic oud virtuoso, Victor Ghannam and Spanish guitar specialist, Jacco Muller will take the stage at the prestigious Theatre of Old Town in the heart of Chicago to showcase the fusion melodies of their debut album. The recently released(...)
Arab America

Thousands View “Arab Detroit” Television Special on Detroit Public Television WTVS Channel 56

Jan 6, 2010

On Sunday evening, January 3rd, members of the Arab American and greater Detroit community watched the “Arab Detroit” television premiere on Channel 56 (WTVS) Detroit Public Television. The program, was co-produced, by Detroit Public Television and Arab, with financial(...)
Arab America

10 Reasons to Hug an Arab

Jan 6, 2010

With the resurgence of negative rhetoric surrounding Arabs and Muslims, it is now more than ever that we need to recount the rich civilization and history that defines the Middle East. It is one that has had great influence not(...)
Arab America

Arab Americans Seek Change in US Foreign Policy for 2010

Dec 30, 2009

In June of 2009, less than six months after taking office, President Obama delivered an unprecedented address to Cairo University in Egypt. In the historic, 55 minute speech, Obama spoke about American-Muslim relations, focusing mostly on the misunderstandings and conflicts(...)
Arab America

"Land of Opportunity" Falls Short for Iraqi Refugees

Dec 16, 2009

Since the inception of the Iraq war in 2003, approximately 2 million Iraqis have declared refugee status. And while the majority have made their new home in neighboring Middle Eastern countries, an influx of Iraqi Muslims and Christians are now(...)

4,030 Results (Page 334 of 336)