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What Arab Americans Should Know if the FBI Comes Calling

Feb 21, 2018

Michael Springmann Arab America Contributing Writer For many years, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI, the Bureau) has made surveillance of Arab Americans its policy.  This is a policy bordering on, if not intended as, harassment.  It’s not new.  It’s(...)

Iraq's Ambassador to the World-Kadim Al Sahir to Perform in Washington DC

Feb 21, 2018

Arab America ( is proud to sponsor Iraqi Virtuoso, Kadim (Kazem) Al Sahir, performing live in Washington DC on Friday, March 2nd, 9:00 pm, at MGM National Harbor.  To Purchase Tickets to Kadim Al Sahir: CLICK HERE For more information: 877-272-2944 Location:(...)

Are you Ready for National Arab American Heritage Month this April?

Feb 21, 2018

By: Arab America Staff We at Arab America are excited as we prepare to celebrate National Arab American Heritage Month (NAAHM) taking place this April. Arab America will lead the celebration of NAAHM once again, but this time with more(...)

The Nabataeans: Builders of Petra

Feb 21, 2018

By Habeeb Salloum/Arab America Contributing Writer Everyone who travels to Petra in southern Jordan is likely to ask, “Who are the Nabataeans and why did they chisel this city into the rock of a mountain side?” Casual observers cannot be(...)

French Arab Singer Banned: Freedom to Speak? Freedom to Lie?

Feb 14, 2018

By Michael Springmann/Arab America Contributing Writer Mennel Ibtissem, a contestant-singer on the popular French television show "The Voice", appears to be undone for her comments about "terrorism" and Palestine. She seems to be the latest victim of what appears to be(...)

Habeebi Ya Habeebi

Feb 14, 2018

By Mike Enayah/Arab America Ambassador Blogger In a recent conference call with my colleague and great contributing writers from Arab America, the topic of a Valentine’s Day article was suggested. The discussion morphed to Arabic terms of endearments, and somehow, I(...)

Yogurt: Our Most Perfect Medicinal Food on the Homestead

Feb 14, 2018

By Habeeb Salloum/Arab America Contributing Writer The ancient Assyrians appreciated yogurt so much that they called it lebeny meaning ‘life’.  The venerable yogis of India mixed yogurt with honey and called it the ‘food of the gods’. Cleopatra bathed in(...)

The Top 5 Romantic Arab Songs Trending for Valentine's Day

Feb 14, 2018

By: Randa Necola/Arab America Contributing Writer “Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit” Khalil Gibran. Valentine’s Day is an important day in all the world and its celebration varies from culture to culture. However, Arabs and(...)

What Arab Culture Today Owes to the Arab Bedouin of Long Ago

Feb 14, 2018

By: John Mason/Arab America Contributing Writer Arab Bedouin peoples once spread from Iraq, into Jordan, Lebanon, the Arabian Peninsula, through Egypt and across North Africa to Morocco. The Bedouin or bedu, meaning desert dwellers, are nomads who herd camels and(...)

Lebanese and Moroccan Athletes in Pyeongchang Olympics 2018

Feb 10, 2018

By Emiliya Strahilova/Arab America Contributing Writer The Winter Olympics started on Friday, February 9 with a spectacular ceremony under the name "Peace of Motion." The theme of the show was unity and friendship between the nations. This year's opening will(...)

Macy’s is the First Major U.S. Department Store to Sell Fashionable and Modest Muslim Clothing

Feb 8, 2018

By Emiliya Strahilova/Arab America Contributing Writer Muslims are a significant part of the American population. They have diverse ethnicities, and yet, are still united by cultural similarities such as their fashion sense. According to studies, by 2040 Islam could be(...)

Bahbah: Who are the Arab People and are They Disunited?

Feb 7, 2018

By: Bishara A. Bahbah, Arab America Featured Columnist What a sad sight the Arab World is today!   Countries are collapsing and brothers are fighting each other.  Despite its massive natural resources, you only find pockets of wealth.  There are more refugees in(...)

1,612 Results (Page 41 of 135)