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64 Interesting Facts about Morocco

Aug 17, 2017

Source: Fact Retriever By: Jill Bartholomew An Arabic name for Morocco, al-Magrib al-Aqsa, means “the extreme west” and attests to Morocco’s place as the westernmost country in the Arab world.[7] Morocco is one of the world’s largest producers of illicit hashish.[7](...)

10 Arab Salads You Can't Miss This Summer

Aug 16, 2017

BY: Nisreen Eadeh/Contributing Writer Arab food is filled with copious salads, small plates, and healthy toppings to heavy dishes. Using the vegetables and herbs native to the lands of our ancestors, Arab Americans have maintained salad traditions in daily life.(...)

Why It's Important to call the White Nationalists Terrorists

Aug 16, 2017

By Dan Gil/Contributing Writer This weekend gave the United States a long look into the past. Protests at the University of Virginia turned the college campus into a violent and deadly scene of mayhem as a rally of white nationalists(...)

The Arab Qualities I Admired Most During My Travel in the Middle East

Aug 16, 2017

  By: John P. Mason/Contributing Writer I am a non-Arab American anthropologist who has plied the Libyan Desert and other corners of the Arab World. I have lived with Arab Muslims in Libya and with Muslim and Christian Arabs in(...)

The Arab American Immigrant Every Country Would Desire

Aug 16, 2017

By: Dr. Hoda Amin/Contributing Writer Back home, in Lebanon, since my childhood, I was very studious and competitive. Most of my grades were very high. I couldn't wait to get home to show dad my report cards when we got our(...)

11 Ways Arab Millennials are Different from their Parents

Aug 16, 2017

By: Ani Karapetyan/Contributing Writer Children of Arab immigrants who were born and grew up in the United States are different from their parents in many ways. Technically, they are Americans and consider themselves as Americans.  However, just being American does(...)

IN PICTURES: In Haifa, a 'Museum Without Walls'

Aug 14, 2017

Source: Middle East Eye   #Culture An open-air museum displaying some of Haifa’s historic Palestinian roots in present-day Israel, is said to promote coexistence Haifa - In the old city of Haifa, a historically Arab city in the north of present-day(...)

The End of This Road: The Decline of the Palestinian National Movement

Aug 14, 2017

Source: New Yorker By:  Hussein Agha and Ahmad Samih Khalidi   Hussein Agha and Ahmad Samih Khalidi have been involved in Palestinian peace negotiations for three decades, and are senior associate members of St. Antony’s College, Oxford, and co-authors of “A Framework for(...)

‘Fuck it, wipe out Gaza’, says spokesperson for EU campaign

Aug 14, 2017

Source: Middle East Monitor The EU has hired an Israeli who advocates Gaza be “wiped out” to improve EU-Israel relations, Electronic Intifada reported. Avishai Ivri appears in a promotional campaign in which he outlines the European Union’s benefits for Israel, declaring it(...)

Palestinian art after Darwish

Aug 14, 2017

Source: Electronic Intifada By: Sarah Irving  In the Wake of the Poetic: Palestinian Artists after Darwish by Najat Rahman, Syracuse University Press (2015) Perhaps inevitably, the ways in which Palestinian literature and art are thought of and written about are strongly colored(...)

Ed Sheeran Will Be Playing a Gig in Someone's Living Room to Aid Refugees

Aug 14, 2017

Source: Time By: Rachel Lewis Musicians such as Ed Sheeran, Kate Tempest and Fossils will play small concerts in ordinary peoples' homes in two hundred cities around the world next month, as part of Amnesty International’s Give a Home concert series. The one-day(...)

HRW Says Israel Stripping Palestinians of Jerusalem Residency 'War Crime'

Aug 13, 2017

Source: Naharnet By: Naharnet Newsdesk Human Rights Watch said Tuesday Israel had stripped nearly 15,000 Palestinians from Jerusalem of their right to live in the city since 1967 and warned that it could be a "war crime." "Israel claims to(...)

1,632 Results (Page 60 of 136)