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How The Middle East Celebrates Halloween

Nov 1, 2021

By: Anthony Bayyouk / Arab America Contributing Writer Introduction For many of us Halloween is a fun time to dress up and spend with our family and friends .Costumes, candy, going trick N treating with friends. It is a fun(...)

Palestinian advocacy can’t win on such an uneven playing field—Human rights issues rise and fall in the U.S. and Israel

Oct 27, 2021

American workers recently came out to support Palestinians by influencing their companies' decisions to supply to the Israeli military and government technology Photo By: John Mason / Arab America Contributing Writer Some American workers have been trying to support(...)

Dana Al-Fardan's Exclusive Preview of "Indigo" at the Kennedy Center

Oct 27, 2021

By: Leyelle Mosallam / Arab America Contributing Writer On October 5th, Qatari composer, singer, and songwriter, Dana Al Fardan, performed an exclusive preview of her upcoming album, Indigo, at Washington D.C.’s John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Her(...)

Sfeeha - Mini Pizzas With an Arab Twist

Oct 27, 2021

By: Blanche Shaheen / Arab America Contributing Writer Nothing made me happier as a child than to see a couple of sfeehas in my lunchbox. For Arabs, sfeehas reign supreme over traditional cheese pizza. Sfeeha, or Sfiha, is around miniature(...)

Arab Companies That Go Decades Back

Oct 27, 2021

By: Pamela Dimitrova/ Arab America Contributing Writer Not many companies can say they survived social changes, consumer attitude changes, and political storms. Well, at least not many outside the Arab world. Long before Souq (now Amazon) and Yahoo's Maktoob were(...)
The Gradual Decline of Coral Reefs in the UAE; Efforts for Preservation

The Gradual Decline of Coral Reefs in the UAE: Efforts for Preservation

Oct 27, 2021

By: MacKenzie DiLeo/Arab America Contributing Writer Fujairah Coral Reef Project. Photo Courtesy of Inside Arabia The United Arab Emirates is home to the largest and most significant coastal and marine habitats, most notably coral reefs. Coral reefs are among the(...)

Traditional Music of Morocco Series (Episode 3 of 7): Ahidus

Oct 27, 2021

Ahidus musicians perform the famous traditional music and dance style from numerous Berber tribes. Photo: Travel Exploration Blog By: Claire Boyle / Arab America Contributing Writer Introduction: The country of Morocco is one of many cultures, beautiful architecture, amazing cities,(...)

Covid-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Among Arab Americans - Survey

Oct 27, 2021

By: Omar Mansour / Arab America Contributing Writer The COVID-19 pandemic has been a very stressful time for individuals, families, and institutions and efforts to get the population vaccinated are still underway, but obstacles, such as vaccine hesitancy or straight(...)

An Interview with Debbie Almontaser, the Fierce Civil Rights Activist and Educator of Yemeni Origin

Oct 27, 2021

By: Isra Saleh / Arab America Contributing WriterShe is an Arab – Muslim who is continuously making religious and political history. The first-ever to be invited to offer prayer at a presidential inaugural. Dr. Debbie Almontaser was the founding and(...)

Bahrain-The Paradise of the Ancients has Become the Isle of Comfort for the Modern Visitor

Oct 26, 2021

By: Habeeb Salloum/Arab America Contributing Writer Known to the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia as the ‘Island of Bliss’, Bahrain, then called Dilmun, is a tiny island-state surrounded by the waters of the Arabian Gulf. The smallest country in the Middle(...)

Sponsors: Connect Arab America: Empowerment Summit, November 2021

Oct 24, 2021

Connect Arab America: Empowerment Summit Sponsors A big THANK YOU goes out to all of our sponsors. This event wouldn’t be possible without them. From local businesses to national organizations, we’re extremely grateful for their support and we look forward(...)

Fida’i: The History and Significance of the Palestinian National Anthem

Oct 22, 2021 By: Evan Ploeckelman / Arab America Contributing Writer Palestine has existed alongside Israel throughout its inception. However, unlike its neighbor, Palestinians did not always have the trappings of a nation, and one notable exception was a national anthem. It(...)

3,047 Results (Page 5 of 254)