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Men in The Sun: By Ghassan Kanafani

Dec 8, 2021

By: Anthony Bayyouk / Arab America Contributing Writer Ghassan Kanafani was the spokesperson for the Popular Front For The Liberation of Palestine. Kanafani was born in April 1936 in Acre, which is located in northern Palestine. In 1948 his family(...)

Muhammara- The Festive Dip of Syria

Dec 8, 2021

By: Blanche Shaheen / Arab America Contributing Writer For some people, a unique dip can add so much to a party. A simple appetizer like a dip can become a magnet of togetherness, initiating conversations and bringing people to a(...)

They’re at it again—Islamophobes on Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s case—only this time it’s a Congresswoman

Dec 8, 2021

Comic Viones By John Mason / Arab America Contributing Writer It was a lie from the beginning—the elevator story. Congresswoman Boebert fabricated a story about Congresswoman Omar that was clearly hate-mongering against Muslims. The story escalated to lots of(...)

Drinking Arak--A Gourmet Ritual in the Middle East

Dec 7, 2021

By: Habeeb Salloum/Arab America Contributing Writer Called by the Arabs of the Middle East, ‘the milk of lions’, arak, also known as arack and arraki, is the national alcoholic drink of Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine.  It is given this nickname because of its(...)

Instruments You Might Not Know Have an Arab History

Dec 6, 2021

By: Dani Meyer/Arab America Contributing Writer              There are lots of traditional Arab instruments that are still found in the Arab world today. But, what you might not know is that many modern instruments have(...)

You can Ski in Morocco?! Your guide to the Oukaimeden Mountain

Dec 6, 2021

Image 1: High Atlas. Source: CNN. By: Ruqyah Sweidan/Arab America Contributing Writer Skiing. Snowboarding. Sledding. These are some of the most popular winter sports we enjoy when we are blessed with snow. Many people travel to ski resorts in the(...)

Journalists’ road trip through occupied West Bank on Israel route 60 ends in despair over the idea of a Palestinian state

Dec 1, 2021

Israel Route 60 running north-south through occupied West Bank. Photo Washington Post By: John Mason / Arab America Contributing Writer Washington Post journalists took a long, detailed journey down Israel route 60, which intersects occupied West Bank top to bottom.(...)

Socially-Conscious Brands to Help People in the Arab World

Dec 1, 2021

By: Dani Meyer/Arab America Contributing Writer Shopping is a great way to express support for a cause. There are so many brands and companies that help people in the Arab world, especially women artisans. Here is a list of six(...)

Justin Bieber Must Support Justice and Comply with Calls to Boycott

Dec 1, 2021

Justin Bieber, who is facing calls to cancel upcoming performances By: Omar Mansour / Arab America Contributing Writer Justin Bieber is being called on to respect the calls for two boycott campaigns targeting his Middle-East performances. The renowned pop star(...)

Kibbeh Nayyeh: The Unique “Arab Tartar” Dish of the Levant

Dec 1, 2021

By: Leyelle Mosallam / Arab America Contributing Writer Kibbeh nayyeh is an iconic Levantine dish, which is most popular in Lebanon and Syria. Kibbeh nayyeh is said to have originated in the Syrian city of Aleppo, but it is still(...)

The Historian’s Toolkit—Tools of the Trade (Episode 1 of 3): Historiography and Its Influence on Moroccan History

Dec 1, 2021

An old historical map with a compass and magnifying glassPhoto: Brewminate By: Claire Boyle / Arab America Contributing Writer Introduction: Welcome to The Historian’s Toolkit! This is a three-part series focusing on the tools of the trade that historians use(...)

For A Colourful Holiday Feast, Try Pomegranates

Nov 30, 2021

By: Habeeb Salloum/Contributing Writer Wonderful to look at and delicious in taste, pomegranate seeds are heaven sent for festive occasions. The bright red seeds are ideal for garnishing the foods prepared for a holiday feast. In addition to their use(...)

3,110 Results (Page 6 of 260)