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Fear, Inc. The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America

Aug 27, 2011

On July 22, a man planted a bomb in an Oslo government building that killed eight people. A few hours(...)

A Time of Refreshment: Ramadan Nears an End, Marked by Prayer, Charity

Aug 26, 2011

For many local Muslims, Ramadan has been a month of togetherness. “It’s like an annual refresher,” said Fahim Khan of(...)

New Texts Out Now: Nadine Naber,

Aug 25, 2011

Nadine Naber, Arab America: Gender, Cultural Politics, and Activism. New York: New York University Press (Nation of Newcomers Series), forthcoming(...)

Dr. Jeremy Lazarus, AMA President-Elect, to Keynote NAAMA's 33rd National Medical Convention

Aug 24, 2011

The National Arab American Medical Association (NAAMA) announced that Jeremy A. Lazarus, M.D., president-elect of the American Medical Association (AMA),(...)

Al Jazeera Star Correspondent Rejoins NBC

Aug 23, 2011

Ayman Mohyeldin, a star Al Jazeera English correspondent, is rejoining NBC News, the news organization where he started 10 years(...)

Statement by the President on Libya

Aug 22, 2011

THE PRESIDENT: Good afternoon, everybody. I just completed a call with my National Security Council on the situation in Libya.(...)

Shusmo: Funky New Yorkers With Middle Eastern Roots

Aug 21, 2011

The Arabic word shusmo is a place holder for something whose name you can't think of, similar to the English(...)

Little Resistance as Rebels Enter Tripoli

Aug 21, 2011

Rebels surged into the Libyan capital Sunday night, meeting little resistance from troops loyal to Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi and setting(...)

State Rep Rashida Tlaib Among Those to Rally Against Racial Profiling

Aug 20, 2011

The head of the UAW union and two Detroit Congressmen are to join Latinos, Muslims, and other minorities in a(...)

Obeidallah: America, How Can Muslim-Americans Reach Non-Muslims?

Aug 19, 2011

A group of Muslims recently traveled to the Deep South. Were they met with ... A. Anger? B. Threats? C.(...)

Youth Leadership Committee of Lebanese American Heritage Club Host Solidarity Day with Somalia

Aug 19, 2011

The Youth Leadership Committee of the Lebanese American Heritage Club, with the help and support of recognized Arab American Organizations(...)

No Chris Christie in Lansing: Rick Snyder Has No 'Formal Opinion' on Anti-Sharia Bill

Aug 18, 2011

A spokeswoman for Governor Rick Snyder says he is reviewing Rep. Dave Agema’s bill to prevent implementation of “foreign laws,”(...)

16,390 Results (Page 1,260 of 1366)