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Only a short time later—Another elder Palestinian dies at the hands of Occupying forces—this time as he protects his right to his little patch of ground from the Settlers

Jan 26, 2022

MSNBC's Ali Velshi brought to light the story of Haj Suleiman Photo MSNBC By: John Mason / Arab America Contributing(...)

12 Fun Facts About Algeria You Probably Didn't Know

Jan 26, 2022

By: Lindsey Penn/Arab America Contributing Writer Although they may share a common language and religion, each country in the Arab(...)

The History and Cultural Significance of Iraqi Tea

Jan 26, 2022

By: Arab America Contributing Writer / Aseel Ferman MA. PhD. Applied Linguists Iraqi tea is one of the most important(...)

Illinois Arab Americans Will Now Be Counted When Receiving Their COVID-19 Vaccines

Jan 26, 2022

Vials of the COVID-19 vaccine ready to be given out in the State of Illinois. Photo: Village of Crestwood By:(...)

How to Make Yemeni Foul--Mudammas

Jan 25, 2022

By: Menal Maliki / Arab America Contributing Writer Foul is a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine and is made in(...)

Proverbs In Moroccan Arabic That Don’t Make Much Sense When Translated Into English

Jan 24, 2022

Photo: 30 Best English Provers for Children with Meanings By: Nouha Elyazidi / Arab America Contributing Writer Have you ever(...)

How to Make Arab Kohl

Jan 21, 2022

The traditional Arab Kohl By: Sara Alsayed / Arab America Contributing Writer Have you ever wondered where eyeliner originated from(...)

The Prefix “Abu” and "Um" in the Arab Culture

Jan 19, 2022

Photo: BY: Sara Alsayed / Arab America Contributing Writer Calling out one's name has always been by using that(...)

Meet Huwaida Arraf, the Palestinian-American Running for Congress

Jan 19, 2022

By: Omar Mansour / Arab America Contributing Writer With a focus on class politics and social justice, Huwaida Arraf, a(...)

Death of 80-year-old Palestinian American Retiree following Military Detention in West Bank—Will it Spur changes in Visa Waiver Program, Easing Transit through Israel to the Homeland?

Jan 19, 2022

Body of Palestinian American Omar Abdalmajeed As'ad, 80-year-old retiree to West Bank village--he was detained by Israeli soldiers, supposedly released,(...)

The Passing of Acclaimed Vocalist Fadwa Abeid: From Performing in the U.S. at an Early Age to an Accomplished Career in the Arab World

Jan 19, 2022

A young Fadwa Abeid at the outset of her music career in the U.S. Arab American acclaimed vocalist Fadwa Abeid,(...)

Dearborn Michigan: An Arab American Food Mecca

Jan 19, 2022

By: Blanche Shaheen / Arab America Contributing Writer Stepping inside Lebon Bakery, a flood of flashbacks overcame me. The smell(...)

18,445 Results (Page 30 of 1538)