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United Nations Arabic Language day

Dec 15, 2018

SOURCE: DAILY TRUST BY: M. U NDAGI The United Nations (UN) Arabic Language Day for this year comes up next(...)

The Food Hustle: Chef Tara Khattar Rethinks Lebanese Cuisine

Dec 14, 2018

SOURCE: HARPER'S BAZAAR BY: KATRINA KUFER The 25-year-old speaks to BAZAAR about the importance of dreaming big, forging your own(...)

116th Congress to Include Seven Arab-American Representatives

Dec 14, 2018

SOURCE: WASHINGTON REPORT BY: SHIRL McARTHUR After the November mid-term elections that swung control of the House from Republicans to(...)

Yet another Nail in the Coffin of the “Deal of the Century?”

Dec 14, 2018

American Herald Tribune Since the start of his presidential campaign in mid-2015, then-candidate Donald Trump presented scattered ideas on a(...)

Natalie Portman to Arab Paper: Israel's Nation-State Law is Racist

Dec 14, 2018

SOURCE: YNETS NEWS Israeli-American actress Natalie Portman again lashed at Israeli policies in an interview published in a Palestinian-owned newspaper(...)

How do Arabs Scream in Arabic?

Dec 14, 2018

SOURCE: ALJAZEERA BY: HAMID DABASHI "We have the tape," US President Donald Trump finally admitted that there is a tape-recording of the(...)

Nazareth Preserves its Arab Traditions as Christmas Nears

Dec 13, 2018

As Nazareth was decked out for Christmas, a group of weavers gathered in the cobblestone alleys of Israel's largest Arab(...)

Egypt to Have Strongest Economic Growth in Arab World

Dec 13, 2018

SOURCE: GULF NEWS BY: SARAH DIAA Dubai: Egypt is expected to have the strongest economic growth in the Arab world(...)

Turning a Corner

Dec 13, 2018

SOURCE: ARAB AMERICAN INSTITUTE BY: JAMES J. ZOGBY US supporters of Israel are in a bind: public opinion is changing;(...)

Arab and African States Discuss Forming a Red Sea Security Council

Dec 13, 2018

SOURCE: THE NATIONAL BY: NASER AL WASMI The formation of a new political council aimed at securing the Red Sea(...)

Americans Are Increasingly Critical of Israel

Dec 13, 2018

SOURCE: FOREIGN POLICY BY: SHIBLEY TELHAMI The firing of Professor Marc Lamont Hill as a CNN contributor after his speech(...)

Inter-Community Engagement: An Investment in Inclusion

Dec 12, 2018

By: Heba Mohammad/Arab America Contributing Writer In my professional life, I have the great honor of meeting and working with(...)

14,819 Results (Page 60 of 1235)