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DIY Methods to Clean and Polish Pearl, Silver and Diamond Jewelry

posted on: Apr 12, 2019

DIY Methods to Clean and Polish Pearl, Silver and Diamond Jewelry
It doesn’t matter what type of jewelry you have; there are easy and cost-effective ways to keep your jewelry looking shiny and clean.

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All types of jewelry can easily benefit from regular at-home polishing and cleaning using simple things found in most bathrooms and kitchens.

Not all jewelry, however, ought to be polished the same way.

Whether it is gold, diamonds, pearls, or silver, every type of jewelry should be looked after in its very own way.

Here on Arab America, we brought the universal way to polish and clean the jewelry which fits for both races.

Polishing Silver Jewelry

Wash the Silver in Tepid to Warm Water

DIY Methods to Clean and Polish Pearl, Silver and Diamond Jewelry
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Quickly wash your silver jewelry in warm, but not very hot water. If you are cleaning several pieces of your jewelry, make sure you wash each piece of jewelry separately.

Check out every piece of jewelry right after washing to make certain nothing has been damaged or fallen off during the washing process.

Dry Up with A Fluffy Cloth

After you have washed your jewelry, rub a fluffy chamois jeweler’s fabric over the surfaces to shine and polish. Rub the fabric in a circular, gentle way over your jewelry.

Be sure that all the dampness has been dried up after you’ve finished polishing and drying.

Use A Silver-Cleaning Liquid

If polishing and rinsing have not provided an adequate result, then try a silver-cleaning liquid. Use the silver solution with a soft brush and rub slowly. Finalize polishing with a chamois fabric. A chamois fabric can easily be bought at any brick and mortar jewelry store or on the internet.

Keep Polishing or Cleaning to A Minimum

Make sure you take off silver jewelry before you get into hot tubs or chlorinated swimming pools. Exposure to light and air tarnishes silver.

Steer clear of donning silver rings while you use your hands for tasks, like gardening. Especially steer clear of silver while you come into contact with washing solutions and products which contain sulfur, such as mayonnaise.

Polishing Gold Jewelry

Dip in A Solution ofDishwashing Soap and Warm Water 

DIY Methods to Clean and Polish Pearl, Silver and Diamond Jewelry
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Make a blend of a couple of cups of tepid to warm water and only a couple of drops of any dishwashing soap. Put your gold jewelry into the water. Give it time to soak for a quarter-hour.

Rub with A Soft Brush

Once your jewelry has soaked for a quarter-hour, take it out of the water. Get a soft brush and softly rub in circular motions. Never rub it roughly when you want to finish everything in a short time, as it will damage the edges of your jewelry.

Wash in Warm Water

Once you’ve scoured your gold, wash it in tepid to warm water. Wash it carefully to clear out any leftover liquid. Once it’s been washed, use a soft fabric to dry your jewelry. After that, keep it in the jewelry box or any other safe place with care in order to avoid future harm.

Submerge Your Gold in A Blend of Ammonia and Water

Try this technique if the soap and warm water didn’t clean the gold as well as you wanted. Applying ammonia is actually a highly effective cleaning technique that ought to be conducted very carefully.

Blend 1 part ammonia with 6 parts water in a bowl. Immerse the gold in the solution for no longer than 1 minute. Leaving your jewelry in for any longer can ruin the gold. Wash carefully with water. Don’t use anything but this method from time to time for heavy washing.

Polishing Natural Gemstones and Diamonds

Check the Loose Prongs

DIY Methods to Clean and Polish Pearl, Silver and Diamond Jewelry
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Dirt and grime are the only things keeping a gemstone in position, especially if it’s an older piece of diamond jewelry.

Apply extra care while rubbing and polish while keeping directly over any soft towel, never over a floor or sink. In case a piece of the jewelry is loosely fitted, make sure that you take that to a jewelry expert to be mounted properly before washing it on your own.

Make A Mixture of Ammonia and Warm Water for Diamond Jewelry

Add a cup of tepid to warm water and a ¼ glass of ammonia into a bowl. Don’t put the diamond jewelry in this mixture directly. Preferably instead, get a soft brush and soak it into this mixture.

Mix Soap and Warm Water for Gems Like Sapphires and Rubies  

To wash various other gems, such as sapphires and rubies, use a couple of glasses of water and a couple of drops of detergent or dish soap. Put your jewelry into this mixture. Let your jewelry to soak for 20 minutes before taking out.

Rinse with A Soft Brush

Start softly rubbing the diamond jewelry with the brush that’s been soaked into this mixture. Along with washing the major parts of your jewelry, be sure to get into the small places and setting at the same time. If you’re cleaning diamond jewelry with platinum settings, this solution with ammonia may clean this setting as well as the diamond jewelry.

Wash with Tepid to Warm Water

Wash your jewelry under tepid to warm water while you have finished cleaning. If you are washing several pieces of your jewelry, wash each and every piece individually. After that, lay the gemstones or diamonds on soft tissue to dry. Keep them in a safe location as soon as they have completely finished drying.

Completely Clean with A Jewelry Cleaner

If your jewelry does not come out as lustrous as you would like it to be, you can buy a commercial jewelry cleaner. This cleaner can be bought at any jewelry store or online. Make sure you ask a jewelry expert if the jewelry can resist a commercial cleaner before applying it.

Polishing Pearl Jewelry

Make A Mixture

DIY Methods to Clean and Polish Pearl, Silver and Diamond Jewelry
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Mix a couple of drops of shampoo in one cup of water. Any sort of shampoo is good to use for pearl jewelry. Pour the water and shampoo into a bowl and blend using any utensil or spoon.

Use Makeup Brush Over Pearls  

Do not soak your pearls directly into the blend. Instead, use a clean and small makeup brush. Soak your makeup brush into the mixture. Use it over each pearl. Make sure you clean each and every part of your pearl, even the parts near the setting.

Wash Your Pearls with A Moist Cloth

Use a moist cloth that’s been squeezed dry. Softly scrub your pearls with the moist fabric to clean the mixture off. Let the pearls dry on the dry, soft cloth they were before.

Apply Precautionary Cleaning Methods

Pearls are usually sensitive and easily broken by harsh cleaning practices. Make sure you put on the pearl jewelry after using aerosol and makeup products. Wash right after excessive sweating and being in smoky surroundings.