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DJ Khaled Self-Gifted Himself a Palestinian Dish for his Birthday

posted on: Nov 30, 2019

DJ Khaled Self-Gifted Himself a Palestinian Dish for his Birthday



DJ Khaled celebrated his birthday in full Arab style this week, cooking up a feast featuring epic Palestinian dish maqluba (literally translates to “upside-down”).

The meal – which is made up of rice, spices, meat, and aubergine – gets its name from the fact that the pot it is made in needs to be flipped over onto a plate before serving.

The Palestinian-American DJ and rapper made sure to share this process with his 17.2 million followers on Instagram.

In a now-viral video he posted on the platform, DJ Khaled can be seen pulling off the maqluba move … even if not with a 100 percent success rate. He captioned his post “Special edition Yard man/ Arab man Tuesday alert 🚨 Featuring my favorite dish Maqluba this the part 1 video part 2 will have my yard man dish! Thank u so much for all the bday luv !!!!!!!”

DJ Khaled has been making cooking videos every Tuesday for a while now, calling the series “Yard Man Tuesday.” For his birthday, though, he introduced the Arab twist to his fans.

His maqluba impressed his followers and left his Arab fans quite excited.

Given that Arabs take their food very seriously, there were a few tips on how the star can make the dish better next time. But that aside, people were into the Palestinian delicacy, DJ Khaled style.

The maqluba frenzy was on

Let’s just say DJ Khaled’s fans were excited

And that’s an understatement

Some criticized Khaled’s dish for crumbling apart as soon as it hit the plate

It’s still maqloba though

Invitation to make more Arab food?

Because what’s better than celebrating in Arab style?

Maqluba is one of DJ Khaled’s favorite foods

The star has always expressed his love for Arab food in general but misses no opportunity to let fans know of his maqluba obsession.

In a 2015 YouTube interview, DJ Khaled was asked to name a homemade dish he misses. His answer? A dish his mom constantly makes, aka the upside-down Palestinian delicacy.