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8- Week Course- A Drop In The Ocean: Belief and Worship through the Qu’ran.

8- Week Course- A Drop In The Ocean: Belief and Worship through the Qu’ran.

Date(s) - 06/20/2024 - 08/08/2024
6:00 pm

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Ta’leef Collective Chicago


95 USD
Contact Person:

(510) 573-2719


“This is a blessed book that We have revealed. So follow it and be mindful of God that you may receive mercy.” (6:155)

A Drop in the Ocean provides deep dives on specific chapters and important themes of the Qur’an. Our latest class in this series will introduce students to the basics of theology and worship as described by God in His final revelation. Each class will select verses pertaining to topics such as God’s Oneness, His angels and prophets, as well as instructions on prayer, fasting, and charity.

Join Professor Omer Mozaffar for an 8-Week course beginning Thursday, June 20th at 6 PM CT. Professor Mozaffar is the Muslim chaplain and a lecturer at Loyola University, Chicago. He is trained in both traditional and academic Islamic Studies, and has been teaching on the Qur’an, Hadith, Islamic Law, and Prophetic biography across the Chicagoland area for nearly thirty years.

All classes will be held in-person at Taleef Chicago, every Thursday at 6 PM CT from June 20th to August 8th. Early Bird Admission $55, General Admission $95.

Register, space is limited.

Scholarships/Waivers available, please email

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