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Building a New Yemen

Building a New Yemen

Date(s) - 04/04/2023
11:00 am - 2:00 pm

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Middle East Institute


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Middle East Institute

Washington, DC

The Middle East Institute, in partnership with the DT Institute, is pleased to announce a half-day conference, “Building a New Yemen.” This conference will address the various pathways forward for building a sustainable, peaceful future that will provide all Yemenis with the opportunity to build a positive, prosperous life for themselves and their families.  While Yemen may still be embroiled in civil conflict, it is essential to envision a post-conflict society for when the right time arrives to enact lasting peace and change.


Panel I: Building a New Yemen 
When, sooner or later, Yemenis negotiate a peace settlement, they will face enormous problems. Regional states and the broader international community both want to see a stable and prosperous Yemen, and they can help Yemenis rebuild a new state by working with them as partners and learn from the misunderstanding of the past. But two critical prerequisites are that the Yemenis reach a historical reconciliation that can sustain peace and then gain the support of regional neighbors and the international community to start building a new Yemen. The authors of the book, Building a New Yemen: Recovery, Transition, and the International Community, will convene to discuss their comprehensive plan for a post-conflict Yemen. The researchers, who span the fields of international relations, political economy, and climate, will each address in detail the key political, social, and economic concerns associated with focused, intelligent interventions.

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