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Elyanna- The Elyanna Tour

Elyanna- The  Elyanna Tour

Date(s) - 02/13/2024
8:00 pm

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Majestic Theatre


24.50-30 USD
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Elyanna unites listeners worldwide around a stunning signature style steeped in Arabic music, pop, and R&B. Singing in Arabic and English, the Palestinian-Chilean singer, songwriter, and performer instantly enchants with soul and spirit. After amassing over 100 million global streams and earning acclaim from Vogue Middle East, Cosmopolitan Middle East, GQ Middle East, and many more, she perfects her vision on a series of singles and her forthcoming 2022 debut for Universal Arabic Music.
“My sound is a combination of my culture and western culture,” she observes. “It’s interesting. Even though it’s a mixture of both cultures, it feels smooth — which is a new sound for our generation.”
Growing up in Nazareth, she discovered her calling early on. At just six-years-old, she often donned her mom’s heels and black coat and performed in front of the mirror. One day, her mother and siblings caught her to which she responded, “You don’t even know what I’m capable of doing yet.” Soon after, the budding talent practiced daily with her older brother Feras who played piano and penned songs of his own. She regularly shut down talent shows and even practiced for photo shoots. Meanwhile, she listened to Fairuz on her daily commute to school in addition to embracing the music of Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, Freddie Mercury, Lana Del Rey, The Weeknd, and Beyoncé.
At just 15-years-old, she landed on the radar of GRAMMY® Award-winning singer, songwriter, and MAGIC! frontman Nasri Atweh [Justin Bieber, Pitbull, Chris Brown]. Nasri introduced her to Lebanese-Canadian star Massari and powerhouse manager, SAL&CO Founder, and Universal Arabic Music C.E.O. Wassim “Sal” Slaiby. Following a series of buzzing releases, she made waves internationally with the self-titled Elyanna EP in 2020. It boasted fan favorites such as “Ana Lahale” [with Massari], racking up 14.4 million Spotify streams and counting.
“As an Arab girl who sings Arabic in America, I feel like I’m breaking barriers,” she smiles. “To me, it’s a major accomplishment.”
Now, she kicks off her next chapter with the single “Ghareeb Alay.” A sultry guitar-laden groove simmers beneath dynamic verses before her voice resounds on the instantly irresistible chorus.
“‘Ghareeb Alay’ characterizes the story of a love song, but it’s much deeper than that,” she reveals. “‘Ghareeb Alay’ reflects change around us and inside of us. As an immigrant, an artist, and a young female in the beginning of my journey, everything and everyone feels strange and new. Ghareeb!”
In the end, Elyanna is ready to bring everyone together.
She assures, “People don’t need to understand the language I’m speaking to love my music.”

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